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Note: most of these papers have been published somewhere. If you want to quote from them, please contact me (jason @, and I'll get you the proper reference. My full curriculum vitae is also available as a MSword file.

The Influence of ASCII on the Construction of Internet-based Knowledge. (pdf) (This is a short version of The Technology of Difference below)

Sousveillance: Inventing and Using Wearable Computing Devices to Challenge Surveillance (Surveillance and Society, Vol. 1, issue 3) (with Steve Mann and Barry Wellman)(html)

Early British Vampire Fragments: Walter Map's De Nugis Curialium and William of Newburg's Historia Rerum Anglicarum (rtf). This is a DRAFT of a paper I'm presenting at the Third World Dracula Conference in Sighaswara, Romania mid May. It is the next stage in an ongoing project.

In the First Person: remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery. (2003) The Journal of Canadian Children's Literature/Littérature Canadienne Pour La Jeuness. (html)

Learning Cyberspace: An Educational View of Virtual Community. (2002) ( html )

The Net, Ethnicity and Difference: the Serbian Community During the Kosovo Crisis (Forthcoming 2004) (with Joel Weiss and Vera Nincic) (html)

The Technology of Difference: ASCII, Hegemony and the Internet (html) (Forthcoming, 2004)

Ceci n'est pas un blog! (or: This is Not a Blog!) (E2K, January 2002)(html)

Internet Literate: The A report on Future Trends for Online Learning Environments in North America. A commissioned report. (With Emma Jane Hogbin)(2001)(html)

Hidden and Null Curricula of the Internet. Paper presented at Teaching as if the World Matters, 2nd Annual Conference, University of Toronto, May 11-15, 2001 (with Joel Weiss)(2001) (html)

Dissertation: The Techneducator Effect: Colliding Education and Technology in the Creation of Virtual Learning Environments (2001) (pdf)

Unpacking Transnational Policy: Learning to Bridge the Digitial Divide. In Educational Technology & Society (2001)( HTML, PDF )

V.A.S.E. The Virtual Assignment Server Environment (2000) (html)

Doing Learning: Building Constructionist Skills for Educators (1999) (with Lynn Davie)(html)

Montgomery's Islands on the Net: Metaphor and Community on the Kindred Spirits E-mail List (1998) (with Yuka Kajihara and Jeff)(html)

Universities, Communities, and Site Building: Exploring Three Online Learning Systems Virtual University, WebCSILE & MOOkti (1998) (html)

Over Schooled and Under Educated: Internet as Curriculum Community (1995) (html)

Transformative and Holistic Learning: A Chaotic Description of Curriculum as a Synthetic Eclectic (1995) (html)

Research into Educational Computer Mediated Communication (1995) (html)

Gowan's Vee: An application of Gowin's Vee Heuristic Model to Educational Research into Multi User Simulated Environmen ts as a Mechanism for Applying the Story Model to Transformative and Holistic Learning Situations (1995) (html)

Lust for Life: A discussion which considers the possibility of applying ideas of Integrated Curriculum development with MOOs. (1995)(html)

These are rough position papers on Thomas Berry from the early 1990s:

Do we have an environmental crisis?
The voice of the "ecozoic"
The American College System
Towards a New Model of Human

Old papers from the late 80s, of dubious quality.

Atmosphere, Architecture, and Alienation: Towards an Aesthetic of the The Palace of Art
Architecture and Feminism: woolf and hitchcock