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May 29, 2001

We're here. And I'm fighting

We're here. And I'm fighting with a british keyboard. Horrors. Excellent weather. Excellent Jeff. We're inches away from Arthur's Seat, one of the hills of Edinburgh. Well, not really, but close to the part that it is in. Walked for 5 hours today. And cooked dinner for Jeff. Yuka is holding up better than I, but she was also a bit jet lagged, which I was not. I dread getting a car on saturday. Too much responsibility. More later, if this saves... Waiting for Sarah. Jason"

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May 25, 2001

What will I do without

What will I do without Spazz? Where will I be? I hope he has a good time in the land of the Scots, but I cry for my poor little soul...."

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Hmmm... not working.

Hmmm... not working.

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"Ok, I'm moving my existing"

Ok, I'm moving my existing blog (greymatter) to Edublog, using BloggerSoft for the time being. This blog will start off with my travels to scotland starting this sunday. Actually,right now, as I go off to get my car reservation, and then my glasses, and then mail my dad's father's day present, and then wrap up some loose ends."

Posted by jason at 12:28 PM