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July 30, 2001

"Morning after post... Well, 8"

Morning after post... Well, 8 people signed my guest book, and 112 visited my site, and I had over 400 page views. That makes me feel as if someone was watching ;-) I will add $8 USD from my pocket. That's about $12 CND. I said in a post somewhere that I'd donate $1 for every guest book entry. And I have 2 late sponsorships which didn't make the deadline. I don't know what the total was for me, and for the 3 of use who blogged for Triangle. Emma, our fourth, couldn't blog at the last minute due to a terrible family misfortune, but all of her sponsors were moved over to Hildegarde, I think. I know for a fact that our total will be over $500 CDN but that's all I know. The end of the story... I finished my last blog at 3pm and thought I'd go straight to bed. Then I chatted with Arun on the phone... during actually, as he called just in time to be part of my last post. I had a glass of beer, Dave's Post Apocalyptic Porter, and mulled about. Next thing I knew, I was scanning photos and fighting with a bad FTP connection to Yuka's web site. We did get a new picture of her and MAUD up on the cover page which is really nice. It is from our June trip to scotland. Then there were phone called between Helmut/Kazue and Miyoko who were trying to connect up but both were running around town and neither had a cell phone. I finally got to sleep around 5:30, and slept to 7am. I am up, and going to do some yoga, and pretend that I feel as good in body as I do in mind. Thus endeth the tale. I'll post final numbers when I get them, but otherwise this blog will return to normal. Thanks again, Jason"

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July 29, 2001

The final statement of this

The final statement of this blogathon is left to Arun Blake of Montreal who says, over phone...""What do you want me to say... what's the conversation been so far...? Is that it?"" Well, I guess that leave a lot for future unpacking. Goodnight BlogLadies GoodNight!"

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aMooHaiku this day remains imbounded:

aMooHaiku this day remains imbounded: our friendship. we three wind blogged voices echo on.

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Salmon: she can logout any

Salmon: she can logout any time she wants, but she can never !blog."

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I am eating pizza that

I am eating pizza that I made. You can find it throughout this blog, mostly below. And throughout my computer, under the keyboard."

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I am less blurry and

I am less blurry and more opaque. Full of unfounded suppositions and randomised experiences, the past decade has collapsed into 48 half hour segments. Like a comedy, the situations have a radius beyond which sense cannot be made, and inside which sense is everywhere. I decided to blog poetry for the next hour, since logic is even less of an option now thatn it was before."

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Joshua T Rex has returned

Joshua T Rex has returned with his shopping list. Atleast I think so. He has not really self identified. But I don't feel personally responsible. How could I at this juncture? There is a whole world out there, and I'm typing something like my 56th post into this blog. Actually, I think it is just punnishment. I make my students blog. I promote blogs. I want to construct my own blog. So, why shouldn't I put my fingers where my mouth is an blog for as long as I can stand it.?"

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"Out, Dam'ned blogSPOT!"

Out, Dam'ned blogSPOT!"

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Ok. Me bad. But I

Ok. Me bad. But I have multiple intersecting excuses. My cam. I had a cam for the whole blogathon, but it was not mine. I bummed 3 cams from school for Salmon, Hildegarde and as a back up. I was going to use my beloved Kritter Cam. But it borked. And borked and borked. But when hildegarde told me to get my camera back on so her sister could see if I was awake, I wanted MY camera... Do I hunted and poked and prodded. I dumped preference files, and reinstalled the known universe. Unfortunately, it was the wrong universe. Some sort of sick sidereal motion of the stars and the entire cosmic circumference was perspiring against me. The dam'ned inhibiting factor could not be found and disinhibited. What was I to do? I puzzled, and fuzzled, til my muzzler was sore. And yet, I had no more sense of a concrete reality of the situation than did the flight attendant with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Airways. Forlorn and undaunted, I severed, and cut to the quick. Throwing out all extensions including willy and nilly. Rebooting ad nauseum... until! What in a wondering eye should appear, but the right configuration, and my crittercam is here!"

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Dave is going shopping in

Dave is going shopping in China town, for his Sunday ritual. [+][beam] dave is going grocery shopping at a far too crowded supermarket in Chinatown [+][beam] jason [to dave]: why? [+][beam] jason says, ""never mind ;-)"" [+][beam] dave says, ""it's the Sunday ritual"" [+][beam] jason [to dave]: enjoy it... [+][beam] dave says, ""it's brief and cheap ;)"" [+][beam] jason asks, ""you describing shopping or sex?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""I need sleep"" [+][beam] dave falls apart laughing, gasping and pointing at jason. [+][beam] Hildegarde falls apart laughing."

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"Ok, 4 more hours at"

Ok, 4 more hours at the outside, and the Blogging for Triangle crew are over the deep end. We're now conceptualizing changes to our CVE... and we're not responsible for our actions..."

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"Ok, now for my next"

Ok, now for my next trick, I'll make fruitjuice. I have on pineapple, two kiwi, two mango, somepears and apples and stuff... watch on the cam... what a mess!"

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The mighty traveller (Matthew Beerman)

The mighty traveller (Matthew Beerman) our Nebraskan programming dude of repute has logged on from his summer haunts in Germany to check up on things... mostly to see if I've destroyed anything...

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I visited Soulflare looking for

I visited Soulflare looking for ideas, and ended up leaving this comment. ""As a gay-positive educator, who is bloggin in support of Canada's only school for queer youth, I can voice support for your activism. I can't offer much advice, as the struggle seems more clear when it is less personal... I'm just not qualified. But in working with Triangle, I've come to realize that the best resource is the individual, and the most important thing is to DO something you think is positive, along side traditional political activism, that helps solve a small daily problem. As a way to build bridges with people who may hold differing viewpoints, the smallest step may be the hardest, but is in the end perhaps the most important. Best of luck. (And I apologize for any incoherence, but I've been blogging for 17 hours.)"""

Posted by jason at 09:38 AM

"[+][beam] jason says, ""but fair"

[+][beam] jason says, ""but fair verbage for a cyborg..."" [+][beam] jason asks, ""but at this stage, you're more cybork, right?"" [+][beam] salmon asks, ""cybork?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""that's me"" +][beam] jason [to salmon]: that's half machine, all fucked up"

Posted by jason at 08:53 AM

"if (this.extra_html != """")"

if (this.extra_html != """") extra = {@extra, tostr(""
Audio: "")}; if (typeof(this.extra_html) == LIST) for n in (this.extra_html) extra = {@extra, n}; endfor else extra = {@extra, this.extra_html}; endif endif I have no idea what it means, but it is a hack on our moo that I wrote to do something cool."

Posted by jason at 08:41 AM

"I need sleep, and I'm"

I need sleep, and I'm kicking code butt! We've had a problem in our virtual environment such that sounds were not playing on various rooms. Our code wiz said he'd fixed it, but it was not working. I'm no coder, but I had a sleep deprived epiphany, and fixed it in 5 minutes. For my sins, I'm now having to fix the same thing on players, which I probably can't do... But, look at the balcony cam."

Posted by jason at 07:59 AM

"Salmon says ""A woman without"

Salmon says ""A woman without a blog is like... I'm not going to even touch that one. "" But I will. ""A woman without a blog is like... can opener without a catfood can."""

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I just had a wonderful

I just had a wonderful gift. My best oldest friend signed my guest book: Hi Jas, Hang in there. I'm on my way to work so figured I'd say hi. This is great stuff. Good for you. Love Di Di and I have had trouble communicating over the past couple of years. I know it is me, but when you've known someone for well over 25 years it has got to happen. Especially when you meet in grade 7. But she knows I'm there when the call goes out. And those words show me that she's there for me. What else do you want out of life. (A maudlin 6:46am thought that will still be true after sleep.)"

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I'm starting on my 1

I'm starting on my 1 litre of beer... as it is 6am already, and I forgot. It is our last batch of beer before dave moves to England. One of our best: Dave's PostApocalyptic Porter. mmmmmm"

Posted by jason at 06:31 AM

I finally made it to

I finally made it to the blog chat... I can see why I didn't get there before now. I'm just not cut out for group aim... MOO yes... I can handle polysynchronicity, but mere synchronous chat? No thanks."

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Blog-A-Thon Babes!!! have a blog

Blog-A-Thon Babes!!! have a blog that is so fat it will not fit on my 1152x768 pixel screen. That's a 15.2"" LCD screen on my TiBook. They must have 28"" monitors, or something. But they're doing it! Blogging away, so they have my praise.n"

Posted by jason at 05:49 AM

I just noticed that it

I just noticed that it is starting to get light outside... 5:33 am, according to my clock. Blogging the night away."

Posted by jason at 05:35 AM

Gaaaaa... my blogs have not

Gaaaaa... my blogs have not been going to the right place... I've been sending them to my teaching blog... I'll go get them... see? I did blog. I swear I did. CTL1000 Sunday, July 29, 2001 throughyoureyes.com's host Dyanna (perhaps an alias) visited Achieve! Bringing joy to our tiny lives. posted by Jason Nolan 5:18 AM it's all in the way's owner VenusEnvy dropped by the moo to say hello... so cool when people drop by. posted by Jason Nolan 4:33 AM it's all in the way's owner VenusEnvy dropped by the moo to say hello... so cool when people drop by. posted by Jason Nolan 4:33 AM I must say, I'm having buckets of fun now. Talking with hildegarde and salmooon is more fun than anything I can imagine at 4am. I'm going to look out the balcony to see if the world has forgotten about me. posted by Jason Nolan 4:04 AM Saturday, July 28, 2001 BLOGGER mentions the blogathon!!! I had a nice lone 7:36 blog, but the phone ate it. So, I'm eating Za posted by Jason Nolan 7:38 PM BTW, blogger is 2 minutes off. When I blogg at 3:00, it says 3:02. I swear. posted by Jason Nolan 3:34 PM"

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I'm blogging absolutely nothing. Proving

I'm blogging absolutely nothing. Proving that I blogged. Proving that I'm no slagg. And I'm typing way to much on the MOO to fill up this space, overly. Want more? Sign my guest book, and let me know what yo want."

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Salmon and Hildegarde say it

Salmon and Hildegarde say it is time to blog again. Interesting topics... why salmon is a goth, why I don't find guys attractive, and the fact that camp is not camping. Want more? Come to AchieveMOO"

Posted by jason at 03:08 AM

"It took me a while,"

It took me a while, but I have my BlogCamAlbum up and running. It covers the first 12 hours or so... Enjoy... and there's no back button."

Posted by jason at 02:34 AM

"Well, I got coffee... I"

Well, I got coffee... I hope I have the energy to make it. I'm equally worried as to what will happen if/when I drink it..."

Posted by jason at 01:44 AM

I don't want to

I don't want to know what is on TV. I'll watch it, but don't tell me...

Posted by jason at 01:02 AM

"So far, I'm impressed with"

So far, I'm impressed with one thing. And that one thing is my total inability to do or say anything interesting tonight. I don't know what the motivating factor is. The fact that I MUST do something? The fact that I have a splitting headache and have been overworked teaching my course all summer. Or the fact that I'm just a borderline putz who just has nothing to contribute to the discourse of the universe. Perhaps there is a quiz in there somewhere."

Posted by jason at 12:48 AM

I'm only 5 foot 1

I'm only 5 foot 1 Got a pain in my heart All night I been working in an amusement park with a fist full of asprines and a hat full of jokes I wish I could go homwe with all the big folks I'm only 5 foot 1 I'm only 5 foot 1 I won't grow any more! I won't grow any more! more! more!

Posted by jason at 12:33 AM

"[+][beam] EvaB says, ""i told"

[+][beam] EvaB says, ""i told sigother about people blogging all night and she shrieked in horror, give them some money, people crazy enough to blog all night need to be paid"""

Posted by jason at 12:18 AM

Slick BlaqIce should get an

Slick BlaqIce should get an award for minimalism in the face of Charity. I won't say who pointed me to it. ;-) And I'm running out of movies... Singing in the rain is over... I guess it will have to be the DVD Kiss Me Deadly..."

Posted by jason at 12:06 AM

July 28, 2001

Nearly just fell asleep...

Nearly just fell asleep... but Singing in the rain saved me!!!

Posted by jason at 11:30 PM

Eeek. I'm late. But I

Eeek. I'm late. But I have an excuse. I'm watching one of my favorite movies, hint ""No no no, yes yes yes!"" Or check the blogcam."

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"Now, here's an electric thought"

Now, here's an electric thought for the Blogathon... Come on baby, light my blog!

Posted by jason at 10:33 PM

Just finished at 10pm. Good

Just finished at 10pm. Good movie. Still an experience of romanticism that overwhelms anything I've encountered since the shillers and schlegels' ilk.

Posted by jason at 10:00 PM

Hildegarde reminded me to make

Hildegarde reminded me to make my thoughts more clear. I was not intending to make an empirical or definitive statement, but state an opinion that I did not ever plan to defend. If I'm going to present opinions I don't intend to empirically support I'd better make sure I don't get drawn into discussions regarding them. Live and learn. Thanks Hildegarde."

Posted by jason at 09:40 PM

"[+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""tell me"

[+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""tell me why crouching tiger isn't a very asian movie?"" [+][beam] jason grins. [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""and...."" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""does the nature of the medium imply a certain cultural...form?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""I mean, can an american medium adequately reflect a non-american reality?"" [+][beam] jason grins. [+][beam] jason asks, ""what is so american about movies?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""I wouldn't essentialize film as american."" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""didn't movies come out of north america?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""they neither invented it or do it best"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""motion pictures in general? Where did it come from?"" [+][beam] jason says, ""Lumiere brothers are one of the first, if not first."" [+][beam] jason asks, ""and hollywood was jewish imigrants mostly,right?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde falls apart laughing. [+][beam] jason says, ""movies are as american and e=mc^2"""

Posted by jason at 09:03 PM

I can't imagine a less

I can't imagine a less asian movie, from my perspective than 'crouching tiger'. To me it is a movie of high german romanticism. But maybe that is the sign of a good chinese movie. Or perhaps a good chinese movie is the best of german romanticism? Well, chinese culture is older... Chinese wins. Now lets apply that romanticism to humanitarianism? We'll leave problematizing that for later."

Posted by jason at 08:32 PM

"The famous John Robert Brown,"

The famous John Robert Brown, aka jacobius, just phoned to wish me well on my blogathon. John is a friend of mine in teacher's college a decade ago, and we've kept in touch ever since. WoooohoooO!"

Posted by jason at 08:04 PM

I'm now going to watch

I'm now going to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with Yuka. The cam will be pointed on the screen for the next 2 hours. Enjoy."

Posted by jason at 07:48 PM

JOSH STREET is the cooolest

JOSH STREET is the cooolest street in the union. Look for the River Run institute."

Posted by jason at 07:19 PM

I'm trying to find a

I'm trying to find a friend's home page, and he won't tell me what it is, but I knew that he had a links page to his (josh), mine, and Yuka's (me wif). SO I searched google... Google Search: Josh Yuka jason and see what happens ;-)"

Posted by jason at 07:15 PM

"Ok, foood time. I'll get"

Ok, foood time. I'll get some Za picts up."

Posted by jason at 07:05 PM

And someone named one_guest from

And someone named one_guest from morticia03.slip.yorku.ca visited the moo... I'd like to slip into morticia. But some one beat me to it.

Posted by jason at 06:36 PM

s m i l e

s m i l e . IV . m a r i a just came by Achive to talk with us..."

Posted by jason at 06:29 PM

Brin tells me that I'm

Brin tells me that I'm late in my blogging. Can you imaging that someone would a) check, b) remind me, and that I'd do it? Too much. I'm still cooking, that's what's taking up my time... but I've finished a 1 litre bottle of water... better drink water, or I'll break out the beer... and it is bad. The last of my brewing with Dave... it is Dave's Post Apocalyptic Porter. Excellent stuff."

Posted by jason at 06:11 PM

Pizza time. I've got the

Pizza time. I've got the cam in the kitchen, and I'm making pizza. 2 balls of organic spelt dough olive/garlic pasta sauce, reducing on the stove, with redwine organic smoked bacon yellow and orange peppers milde chedder (organic of course) AND organic cornmeal muffin mix in place of flour to keep everything from sticking. Amazing."

Posted by jason at 05:29 PM

"Don't bug me, I'm playing"

Don't bug me, I'm playing the guitar. Old 'Only Ones' and 'Vibrators' tunes... now... ""hanging around"" by the stranglers!!!"

Posted by jason at 05:02 PM

My camera is on different

My camera is on different objects... presently it is on Crayon Shinchan. I had the very first Crayon Shinchan page on the internet... and my office is full of shinchan stuff."

Posted by jason at 04:52 PM

We're hanging on Achieve.... [+][beam]

We're hanging on Achieve.... [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""I've discovered that there are some blogs I can't copy the text off"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""who does that?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde asks, ""I mean, why?"" [+][beam] Brin [to Hildegarde]: Because they can. [+][beam] jason says, ""you can put a blank frame on top that is transparent."" [+][beam] salmon grin. [+][beam] jason says, ""some people don't share stuff because they're scared that the one good idea that they had in their life may be stollen."" [+][beam] jason says, ""imaginative poverty, imho."" [+][beam] salmon [to jason]: let me catch my breath.. cam will be up soon [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""it sucks rocks"" [+][beam] Brin exclaims, ""5 minutes!"" [+][beam] salmon [to jason]: that's a cool comment [+][beam] jason says, ""if you have an idea, set it free. if it comes back, copywrite the shit out of it."" xgrin [+][beam] jason grins."

Posted by jason at 04:29 PM

Hildegarde sent me to see

Hildegarde sent me to see Intergalactic Hussy - v5, Digital Goth Girl.. What more can you do than visit and blog about it. Someone sponsor this girl!!!!"

Posted by jason at 04:25 PM

"Well, I have my cat"

Well, I have my cat cam working, with my backup Labtech cam, since my krittercam is busted. And I have the countdown working... More soon, as soon as I relax."

Posted by jason at 04:03 PM

"Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh! (that's"

Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh! (that's salmon speak for, ""I just bought Katherine Hayles' ""How we became posthuman"".) I did. And she told me to."

Posted by jason at 03:45 PM

Someone's clock is off by

Someone's clock is off by 2 minutes. It is not me. When it says I blog at 3:02, it is really 3:00. So there. I'm listening to CBC radio's DNTO.! Check out CBC radio one: http://radio.cbc.ca/cbcr1-qt.html"

Posted by jason at 03:37 PM

"Ok, this is starting off"

Ok, this is starting off just right. I spent the last 30 minutes just trying to get my camera to work. I've have a camera for 2 years. And it has always worked. It just works. And my cam is just something I take for granted. So, now, just when I need the fucking thing. It is not going to respond, or play. I think I'll start drinking now. Do you mind?"

Posted by jason at 03:32 PM

And we're off!!!!

And we're off!!!!

Posted by jason at 03:02 PM

"Greetings, and welcome to the"

Greetings, and welcome to the PreBlogathon warmup show. I'll be doing playbyplay with our BlogColourCommentary Specialist Hildegarde of Bingen and our BlogTheorist Salmon de la Squish , as we BLOG FOR TRIANGLE. I'm Jason Nolan, aka Spazzmodius, and I'll be your host at this location of the 100+ person Blogathon for charities. To chat or meet the team, please visit Project Achieve and log in as guest, and say hi."

Posted by jason at 02:03 PM

July 27, 2001

This is the starting


Posted by jason at 10:58 PM

The blogcamera is up!!!! Look

The blogcamera is up!!!! Look for the link on the left, or right."

Posted by jason at 10:37 PM

"Ok, I'm reasserting my identity."

Ok, I'm reasserting my identity. Jason is now blogging for Triangle, along side Spazzmodius. Just stop me."

Posted by jason at 07:06 PM

24-Hour BLOGATHON! starts tomorrow 12

24-Hour BLOGATHON! starts tomorrow 12 noon PST, that's 3pm for people in the civilized part of the planet. I've changed the colour of my blog out of respect for Cat Connor who's running this zoo. Watch out for the 5 web cams we'll have up to capture our participation. If you've not sponsored us yet, do it now!!! [scroll down for the link to sponsor Spazzmodius' Travel Blog!!!]"

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July 17, 2001

Here's my new NL-13: Titanium

Here's my new NL-13: Titanium Light G4 Powerbook Carry Case Ken, at willow, is making it for me in black without a blue stripe. Buy canadian."

Posted by jason at 06:25 PM

July 16, 2001

The Language Teacher Online 22.02:

The Language Teacher Online 22.02: Godzilla Can MOO, Can You? MOOs for Construction, collaboration & Community and Research What could larry be up to?"

Posted by jason at 11:07 AM

July 10, 2001

I'm now blogging for triangle

I'm now blogging for triangle dot net with everyone..."

Posted by jason at 11:16 AM

July 08, 2001

I've put up the first

I've put up the first 80 odd images from our scotland trip: Index of /scotland. I've put up animals and images relating to Lucy Maud Montgomery. There is no text. This is just rough work for Yuka's web site (yukazine). Enjoy. Jason"

Posted by jason at 05:03 PM

Neil Gaiman - American Gods

Neil Gaiman - American Gods uses Blogger. Is there nothing new under the sun? (emma pointed this out)"

Posted by jason at 02:44 PM

I'm spending most of my

I'm spending most of my blogging energy these days on the CTL1000 blog. I'm thinking interms of this blog, but time being what it is, it sticking me here."

Posted by jason at 09:31 AM