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August 31, 2001

":-:squish:-: Emma always says, ""Write"

:-:squish:-: Emma always says, ""Write it down."" any time I say anything. I always thought that it was because I have such a non-selective memory. Perhaps there is another reason."

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The Boredom Patrol... has set

The Boredom Patrol... has set of bonfires in my mind.

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I wanna join.

I wanna join."

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August 30, 2001

Got The Catherine Wheel's xx

Got The Catherine Wheel's xx CD, along with NIN's PHM and Dead Can Dance's into the labyrinth. Never bought CDs of any of these bands, but have had MP3s of them all. Same goes for the Jane's Addiction I got last week. Only the SUICIDE I've already got on vinyl is a repeat purchase. 5 CDs in one month is a record."

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Yuka and I are trying

Yuka and I are trying to go to Ottawa and see Gustav Klimt: Modernism in the Making. Can't find accommodations however. That sucks. But I think I'm close. Found space Sunday and Monday nights. Can go out Sunday morning and return Tuesday night, perhaps. I don't know Klimt from squatt, except he painted lots of women. Don't know why. Or if I like it. But Yuka does. And that's enough for me."

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The Works of Charles Baudelaire

The Works of Charles Baudelaire are housed at the Joseph Sable Centre for Nineteenth Century French Studies, originally belonged to one of Canada's first and most dedicated Communist activists."

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Damme.mp3 is a song off

Damme.mp3 is a song off the Shinchan CD I got. I don't think that anyone has ever sung so obnoxiously. Beware, this IS for kids. I have a Crayon Shinchan page as well."

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August 29, 2001

Divinely Delicious Dave : my

Divinely Delicious Dave : my funny motto has a blog"

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This is the first draft

This is the first draft of a poem I'm working on. For fun, obviously. Thanks to Dave and Sarah for help so far. And if you have any comments, let me know. There's no ending, and a bunch of flat bits, but it still makes me laugh. The Lay of the Channel Vampire. I was in a pub in Britain last June, and there was this crazy eyed-guy about my age. He was asking me what I did, no doubt hoping to talk a pint out of me. I was bored taking notes for this article I'm writing called Anne of the Undead, about how Anne of Green Gables is really a bain sidhe (banshee). His eyes lit up when I told him this, hoping to scare him away, but he said wait, and grabbed his pint, and said he'd one to make my day. ""Ya, he said, ""it is about a vampire named Daisy from Gurnsey."" When I'd mopped up all the beer that had forced its way out my nose has he'd been speaking, he waited patiently, then began his ""Lay of the Channel Vampire."" Daisy was a night girl, a vampire you could say. And though you'd find her up all night, she's never up all day. Dear Daisy was from Guernsey, from that charming Channel Isle that lays aside the France coastline, that's British in its style. Now Guernsey is an ancient place, steeped in Celtic rite, and Daisy's been for centuries its mistress of the night. All the locals love her, for she is their local goddess, presiding over births and deaths; festivals great and modest. To the women she is big sister with time all night to chat, always with a magic cure for this or song for that. To men she's the nocturnal muse to guide them through the night sometimes finding long lost sheep or mending hearts to right. She's a radiant blond-tressed lass, though her smile's the oddest, and to the kids she's quite the goth in her flowing Celtic bodice. She's been theirs for centuries, and they've been hers as well, taking care of their wants and saving them from hell. For daisy is a priestess, and she does quite a good job keeping her beloved Guernsey safe from the foreign mob. She used to ward off pirates, and thieves of cutthroat glee, she'd grab them by the epaulettes, and toss them out to sea. But not before extracting her bloody liquid toll and also taking, many say, their lost immortal soul. But Daisy has a weakness, one we all know quite well that could wreck her great good works, undue her special spell. For be she demon or divine or just an eldrich waif she's oft in need of blood and stuff to keep her body safe. And through the decades of the night she feels her blood run cold; she feels her bones go brittle though she knows not what's foretold. And she seeks in forest and in fen some liquid quite sublime, searches her long memory for insight that's divine, she feels her nights are numbered and no longer without end unless she finds some salve that might her body mend. The people of the isle of Gernsey, fair, and soft and green are wracked with worry and dismay, all feel a fear quite keen for if they loose the blessings of their Daisy of the night they fear their world will not survive, all will end in blight. Without Daisy, soft and fair, their savior of the dark the Victorians will subvert their isle to an amusement park. First they tried fresh victims far from their gentle shore but even Asiatic blood did not, the solution, store. Next they tried beasts and fish of land and ocean deep in hope that some lost compound their lady's health would keep. Lastly they tried elixirs of milk and honey sweet but at her lips they could not pass, but backward must retreat. Their children they send far and wide a salve each to discover that will allow their goddess fair to flourish and recover. After years and years of searching one child's path resulted in studying science at Edinburgh's university exulted. There in she met a funny man disheveled and quite bald who taught sciences of foods and health and all that is involved. He told his students that the key to the planet's health lay not in nature's bounty, but in the chemist's wealth of fixes and solutions of which he was informed that all the planet's needs he quickly would, nay needs must transform, for though the body lived on foods that from the store did come there were elements missing that would leave the body numb. And so this Guernsey student thought she had the perfect man with whom they might their goddess save, and so she built plan. Seduced she did, this hapless chap, and brought him to her heart so that he left his family and her waters he did chart, until she had him quite besotted, to her beck he called and attended to her every wish, for he was quite enthralled. One night, warm in her bed, she told him of her land and left him with the problem that she had close at hand. If he wished to keep her love and live with her forever he'd better apply the skills he had to help her life's endeavor and find a way to save the one, the savoir of her people and if he failed he'd find his balls cast off the highest steeple. With her that summer off he went to research on the isle and fell in love with her lost world far from the golden mile. He poked and prodded Daisy, with her will and leave in order that he may discern her illness, and her save. Though he found no sickness, in the mundane mortal sense he realized that her diet was quite without recompense. For living on the sacrifice of the wayward long lost tourist she still required some vitamin in food or elixir purest. Daisy, he told her one summer's night, was in quite dire need of a source of sunlight that was lost to her indeed, and if she did not find a source of that vitamin of D all that was the vampire would finally cease to be. But as she would not ever sup on food that was not bloody he needs must find some enhancement to that liquid ruddy. So this besotted scientist of chemical acumen put his mind and soul to task, the deficiency to mend. All through winter's sabbatical he stayed on Guernsey Isle and with his love they labored though both worrying all the while. For Daisy was quite frail now, and could not mend the bone that had broken in the autumn and cast her from her throne high on the chalken cliffs from which her powers came and many said their Daisy would never be the same. The good people of Guernsey full of portents of doom were sure their goddess of the night would be leaving them quite soon. But the Edinburgh lad full enlightened and of science's spell had finally an ideal that might set things to well. For mixing cows milk with the blood was a disaster true and he'd tried most everything, and thinking he was through he realized that he'd not listened to the stories of the isle and started on to thinking in a most mysterious style. Perhaps, he thought that Daisy's power, coming from the cliffs held a science secret deep hidden in the rifts of chalky stone and surf and sea he might there find the truth if he could but research it, might therein find proof. But there was not time to test it out for Daisy was quite weak so he must needs experiment on her upon that peak. They carried her up to lofty heights and laid her on the heath and with his own quite human blood his life he did bequeath. Thus mixing blood with ancient chalk he found that it did hold and feeding it to sweet Daisy upon the midnight wold she drank his life and her sweet soil she'd guarded though centuries the mixture fast revitalized her powers and energies. The dawn found him all alone, and rather close to death but his love drew him to her, his head upon her breast and all day long she sang to him of his great acts and deed of how he'd come to save them all in their dark hour of need and how forever she'd love him, if he'd come back to her and if he never did return her love she'd not defer. Then as the sun when down below the horizon in the west did Daisy the goddess of the night return to the isle blessed. She kissed them both and bade her rise, she carried him away to the village brought him and these words she did say, ""To you all whom I love more than endless life itself I've pledged my heart and soul and praised above all else but this man who is not of us, has loved our dearest child and has given me salvation of his mind and blood compiled. For now I am not only whole but am forever strengthened at the point where all my art and magic had forsakened."" And then with her own wicked teeth, she pierced her forearm pale and fed him of her divine blood til his health was hail. And all the people gathered round and kept the morning vigil then with the morning's purple haze, she signaled their dismissal. And from that night on forever more Daisy's strength grew on and for another hundred years her people did grow strong and the grand children of her saviours to her heart she drew and with her ancient magic to her people she is true. Now all know of Daisy's lactose intolerance and how the Scot, as he is known, came to her defence. And though he's gone his memory is sang each summer's eve and Daisy cries red tears of thanks with each soul she bereaves and mixes blood with native chalk whenever she does drink to keep her bones all strong and hail, and her body young and pink."

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August 28, 2001

I'm up north in Port

I'm up north in Port McNicoll, at the southern end of Georgan Bay... marking papers, and visiting family. Family being Dad and 7yr old sister Emily. I'm staying in the boat house, which is wonderful. Actually, I'm marking papers for CTL1000. THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN HANDED IN!!! 4 done, 3 to go, 3 to be submitted. Then fun fun fun."

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August 27, 2001

Getting real: Virtual communities that

Getting real: Virtual communities that break the fourth wall by By Derek M. Powazek, Posted 2001.07.30 seems to want to ramp the community thing up to the next level."

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August 25, 2001

Spent the afternoon on the

Spent the afternoon on the Toronto Islands, and had coffee with the lovely and talented Yuka at the The Rectory Restaurant and visited old haunts of the family's when they lived on the island. It turns out that there are some B&Bs there, which is very cool. But my feet are tired, and I'm going to see Apocalypse Now Redux with Nicky and Dave."

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August 24, 2001

"Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks $36.00?Canadian? . Yuka asks, how do you clean them?"

Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks "

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This just proves the previous

This just proves the previous point: Metafilter | Community Weblog I think I just melted my irony meter. The radically innovative new plan at VA Linux is to reach profitability by selling proprietary software. (Larry Augustin has invented Microsoft!) But not just any software; they're going to sell the software which operates SourceForge, one of the largest repositories of open source software in the world. And this is now going to become the core business; they may even change the company name. I can't wait to see what the folks on SlashDot think of this! (VA Linux also operates SlashDot.)"

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I've gotta read Metafilter |

I've gotta read Metafilter | Community Weblog more often. Like thraxil, only not."

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Who owes what in a

Who owes what in a racist world? By?RICK SALUTIN ---- I couldn't not email him... ---- Hi Rick; I was shocked by your column. I don't usually read them, but the topic caught my eye, and I thought I'd read a bit of reactionary ranting. I was embarrassed to read ""There ought to be at least some common ground between these cases, yet they are treated as if there is none. I don't have an answer on this; I'm pointing at it in amazement."" Wonderfully put. I liked the whole article. And I thought of my mother, who has a very strong 'where will it end' panic when any issue comes up. Personally, I can't wait until my generations demands reparations from the boomers who appropriated our future to their own advantage. Not too likely, but a wonderful 'if'."

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"Why does the story, Giant"

Why does the story, Giant Pontoon Launched in Russia to Help Raise Sunken Sub, have some emotional impact? I don't think that it is BigToyism. I'm a small toy person. A new pizza tray, or bookshelf, is my idea of fun... It is not militarism in any way. I think it is another story of people trying to accomplish something impossible together, not for glory, but because it is a messy job that just needs to be done. It is unglamorous, more like cleaning up the apartment after a party. But some how there's a dignity to the task that is greater than sending someone to the moon, because it will never garner great praise. Hmmm... what am I thinking."

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August 23, 2001

Tarantino Keeps Alive Those Killer

Tarantino Keeps Alive Those Killer B's. i wanna go to the Tarantino amusement park. but why, oh why does it have to be in Texaaaas?"

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August 22, 2001

I just realized that no

I just realized that no one reads my blogs. How sad. I know because I have this beautiful icon next to each post. It is so pretty and beautiful that it would motivate even the most wordless reader to post a comment. But no. It is quiet, the summer is long, and the blog is uncommented."

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August 21, 2001

Salmon came by to borrow

Salmon came by to borrow Lyotard's book thingy and I lent her Derrida's the gift of death, and then we went shopping at the UofT bookstore; she to get her own copy of the gift of death. She ended up wiht it, and we both got the Simpsons and Philosophy aka the D'oh! of Homer. I also got Introducing Derrida (cause I need pictures.) and Horkheimer/Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment, which I read parts of back in '87, but haven't thought of since until it was re-recommended to me by an old prof, of that vintage, for ENV321Y. And a good time was had by all. $69.23 was the bill. ChargeIt!"

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August 20, 2001

K.I.S.S. makes me happy:

K.I.S.S. makes me happy: A Baudrillard Chronology. Don't ask why, and it isn't for Baudreillard."

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"I had Nicky, Dave, Yoshie,"

I had Nicky, Dave, Yoshie, Yuko, Yuka, Valdo, Emma, Hildegarde and salmon over for dinner last night. Wild Boar Pizzaaaaa with my new pans! Boar was a bit of a bore. Not enough character to make it stand out. I'll stick to marinated boar steaks, and do more interesting stuff with pizza next time. Salmon and Hilde sung a duo, as did nicky and I. We sucked, they didn't. And a good time was had by all."

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August 19, 2001

I want a Graphire2!

I want a Graphire2!

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I spent the afternoon with

I spent the afternoon with Salmon, Hildegarde and Yuka-the-Transcendant... at IKEA. Packed up the fish mobile with tonnes of stuff for us all. The cool bit is that we all ended up spending right in our expectation range. I'm sure they'll tell you what they got, but yuka and I got tonnes of small wooden boxes for things; 2 large ivar glasses managerie cases. And things in which to hang things. What more could one want. It was a family outing."

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Maybe I can get J-Soft

Maybe I can get J-Soft - Web Design > Reblogger working on my blog. It has to much CSS stuff to work with what I use on my other blogs."

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August 18, 2001

ej: food is what Emma

ej: food is what Emma kant eat. http://emmajane.net/food/emmakant.shtml"

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Miao's baby has been entered

Miao's baby has been entered in a photo contest. Her baby is the cutest on the planet. So click and: Vote For Kitten!"

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I made up a blog

I made up a blog for Resurrecting the Garden 2.0, which I start teaching this fall."

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August 17, 2001

Yuka and I saw her

Yuka and I saw her favourite movie: Purple Noon (Plein Soleil) again tonight. Amazing movie. Cool poster too.


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August 16, 2001

"Miao's Babyblog asked ""Will you"

Miao's Babyblog asked ""Will you send your kid to music or whatsoever lessons?"" ""Does this help providing her more choices and opportunities for her future or mostly just a fullfillment of your parenthood dream?"" To: Miao From: JASON NOLAN Subject: baby music and language Comments. My friends helmut and kazue speak english one day and japanese the next around their daughter Erika. She's now bilingual. And they throw in German. As an ESL specialist, you may agree that modeling practice is more important than any lesson. As for music, I play 7-8 instruments. I play often and I have fun. I'm also very bad. The worst of all my friends. But they all read music. Many had careers in music. All gave up because they weren't good enough. Some played for major international orchestras. I still play. Why? Cause I love it. Challenge kitten's mind with music and the making of music, not the study of music or appreciation, if you want her to have a tool for life... of course you two have to play/sing to her often. Who cares if it is bad, even better. I used to think that my parents never shared music with me, as they can't play anything. But I grew up with my dad singing in the car very badly, and I can still sing those songs, badly. There's my opinion. Blog it if you will. Jason"

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Net Author - Reference Site

Net Author - Reference Site for Writers To: NetAuthor@yahoogroups.com From: JASON NOLAN Subject: Re: what Robert loves about writing This is a hard topic. I sometimes wonder if he does love writing. Personally, and this is primarily a result of experience with him online via email and CVEs, I think his love is placed elsewhere. I think he loves making other people write. Yep, there is it in a nutshell, or case, as the case may be. He promotes, supports, cajoles, implores, implodes and just all around transmogrifies your average, usually American, adult, without respect for age, gender, orientation, race, religion or from the respectable consumer of media products into a demon of discourse, villian of verse, a paragon of prose, or even an angel of alliteration. Loves to write? Ha! He's Robert the Motivatrix if you ask me. Now if you had asked the question, ""What do YOU love about writing?"" and I took the YOU to refer to ME, then the answer would have been clear as day. I don't. I hate writing. But you see, I met Robert, and he infected me with a discourse metavirus that has wrapped itself around my brainstem, and, as Isaiah says, as recorded by William Blake ""I was then persuaded, and remain confirmed, that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, I cared not for consequences but wrote."" And my life has been a shambles ever since. Jason"

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August 15, 2001

Welcome to Zanpo >> Virtual

Welcome to Zanpo >> Virtual City >> build your world. THis is either genius, or horribly stupid. I'm not sure which, but leaning to the latter."

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"Miao has returned, after months"

Miao has returned, after months absence with her wonderful Baby Blog!"

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August 14, 2001

Would that be nice?

Would that be nice?"

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August 13, 2001

KIPLOG is something I need

KIPLOG is something I need to ready every day. I wonder why I ignored it for so long... proabably because Emma was telling me to do 300,000 things. At least I bookmarked it, and then couldn't figure out what a Kiplog was, so I clicked. Cool."

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August 12, 2001

The Web Standards Project: Fighting

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers as emma reminds us."

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I just bought a copy

I just bought a copy of The Design of Everyday Things. I think emma told me to, but I'm not sure."

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August 11, 2001

gbund is my buddy Gary's

gbund is my buddy Gary's blog. He's a prof at Nodak, starting there this fall. I hope he blogs more."

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"Wow, logicalpositivism.com is available. I've"

Wow, logicalpositivism.com is available. I've been looking for a domain... and this one could be it. Unless you take it first. I was also thinking of jasonnolan.net, phyzik.com, and a raft of others."

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August 09, 2001

University of North Dakota Faculty

University of North Dakota Faculty in Teaching and Learning this is the place gary works at... I'm just showing blogs to him toooo."

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August 02, 2001

The unconditional net: Derrida and

The unconditional net: Derrida and virtuality in the future of the university is the title of a conference proposal that I'm sending in to AERA today. Or one of them. I had pasted it here for Hildegarde to read, but I didn't want to leave it here... so it is gone, and this note remains."

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