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October 07, 2001

[+][beam] Jason bought two books

[+][beam] Jason bought two books today... with yuka's permission [+][beam] Jason says, ""CyborgCitizen:Politics in the PostHuman Age, and The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory."" [+][beam] Jason says, ""I plan to use them as examples of why people who do theory don't understand the net."" [Of course, it is not that what they're saying isn't cool and important. But that they're looking at the surface content of the net. And for me, when you're dealing with content, you're already dealing with a very complex sea of bias, privilege, and linguistic hegemony even before someone logs in. And every time a line of code is written, a file permission set, and a new bit of shareware gets uploaded, the net has been located in a domain/discourse that contaminates everything that comes after.]"

Posted by jason at October 7, 2001 03:30 PM