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October 31, 2001

One more reason to MOO

One more reason to MOO is indicated by a study of what students are looking at on the Internet."

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I was reading Salmon's squish

I was reading Salmon's squish and she posted something someone said about the deep spiritual nature of 'running'. There was a wise reply from someone hwo sort of bushwacks on foot at high speed, which is very cool. But somehow I felt moved to say something about running:

I've always thought of runners as those denying the self. Running is that most binary of operations that forgets that there is more than the going forward. With running there is no lateral, no vertical, no internal, and no going back. Just a steady corporatist run of arms, legs, breath, heart. I love to go rock climbing with runners. They get stuck. They can only go up. And climbing is ever so not just about going up.

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October 30, 2001

I bought my own domain

I bought my own domain today!!!! jasonnolan.net Life is good. Also, from a GTA blogger http://www.transit.toronto.on.ca. Finally... regarding my firewire harddrive enclosure, I got this nice email from Nancy @ macally: Dear Jason, Thank you for considering Macally your product. Unfortunately, we just ran our of the sticker. Can you email me again sometime next month to remind me and I will be happy to mail you a sticker. =) Once again, thank you for being supportive and choosing our product. Best Regards, Nancy -- Nancy Lam Macally Peripherals 15861 Tapia St. Irwindale, California 91706 Tel: 626-338-8787 Fax: 626-338-3585"

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October 28, 2001

Blogging Christian Soldiers. This is

Blogging Christian Soldiers. This is a good day. Went to Pages on Queen, as is our wont and got a copy of Essential McLuhan, edited by Eric McLuhan and Frank Zingrone (two of Arun's old profs). Anyway, I needed a McLuhan around the house, especially to finish up my book chapter ""The Technology of Difference"" that's due Wednesday. Going into Peter Trifonas' The Pedagogy of Difference to be published by Routledge next year. I've sent it out for reads. And Kat likes it. And if can pass the mustard of a frosh, it is good. NEXT... I got a CD I've been after for a while... It is the sound track to Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man... music by Neil Young. Just one guitar, and lots of distortion. Great movie... johnny depp and gary farmer. And it includes... Crispin Glover, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thorton, John Hurt and Robert Mitchum. Serious bloody movie. One of my favourites. Tonight I'm taking my draft of ""Death Night Blood"" a chapbook I'm editing for the Toronto Dark Writer's Group. From conception to presentation in 2 weeks. I'll post it as a PDF as soon as I get the final approval from ""the board""."

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October 22, 2001

I think that today has

I think that today has been a red letter day. What cool things did I do, let me count the ways:

1) moved wine from primary to secondary fermenter. It is my first brewing event since dave moved to England. Strangely enough, I've never made wine with dave, but always with him living down the hall. He and I made beer together. 2) I got home in time to clean the kitchen and wash the rice (not easy), before my Achieve meeting, letting Yuka do the rest. 3) I rearranged the kitchen installing new Ikea stuff, and ending up with more shelves and more useable space in the process. Ya, and I made some apache mods at Emma's direction so Achieve could display wmv files (stupid format) allowing us to show Miao's baby pictures. Does that count too?

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I just got and put

I just got and put together my macAlly 2.5"" FireWire HDD Enclosure to hold a 4 gig IDE drive I was nicely given.
. A happy day."

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I'm listening to old Smashing

I'm listening to old Smashing Pumpkins on my PowerCD which was the cooooolest thing Apple every made. It is a funky CD player. Right?

I have the Newton, eMate and Apple Adjustable Keyboard listed on the site too."

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Jason's URLS is an OLD

Jason's URLS is an OLD cgi script that I resurrected. I think leigh helped me with most of it. Anyway, it allows me to have my own personal annotatable web list. Cool, eh?"

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October 20, 2001

Mean is kicking someone when

Mean is kicking someone when they're down. Caustic and nasty is kicking someone when they're up. Oh, and ben has a blog... ben77.blogspot.com. Any connection?"

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October 19, 2001

Remember: God Shops American. What

Remember: God Shops American. What does it mean when the best thing you can do against terrorism is to shop, go to a movie, buy and fly, keep the economy moving. Participation by consuming. It makes you wonder if there is not much difference between the people we see on CNN who are discounted in the discourse because they've been 'trucked in for the media' and the shoppers interviewed doing their patriotic duty to consume."

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October 16, 2001

[of course blogger ate my

[of course blogger ate my post] so here is an abbreviation. I'm working on a book chapter entitled ""The Technology of Difference"" and I got ""thumbs up"" from Salmon, so I'm feeling comfortable about it now. Until then, I had no idea if I was on the right track or not. And she knows the track. While cruzing through some references, I found the following quote in Baurillard's selected writings in a chapter called ""Consumer Society"" that stopped me cold:

lighting being the least rare commodity, without which merchandise would merely be what it is
Not much more to say after that, is there?"

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Damn. Discursus is taken. But

Damn. Discursus is taken. But monad.net is available, I think. I'm working on a book chapter called ""The Technology of Difference."" And Salmon has given me my necessary first pat on the head of approval. So I can continue. As I'm checking some references, I came across a great quote in Baudrillard's article ""Consumer Society"" that really cracked me up:

lighting being the least rare commodity, without which merchandise would merely be what it is
Nothing left to say about much of anything after that, is there?"

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"How about www.discursus.net, Medieval Latin,"

How about www.discursus.net, Medieval Latin, from Latin, a running about, as a domain name for me. Other suggestions?"

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October 14, 2001

Anthrax: The end of email?

Anthrax: The end of email? This has a lot to say about how we teach educators to teach students. Computers, much as I want to decry their use among kids when they should be out running in fields and playing in the mud and just poking about in reality, are becoming tools for communication that cannot be put aside as long as I'd like. The hyperprotectionist parenting that never allows children to move unescorted, to join organizations without background checks on the adults, surf the net without special protection software, and now won't allow them to open mail, is getting rather sick. But the only way for an educator to counter this is to become proficient in constructing online learning environments herself so that our kids, as they get online, see adults modelling online activity that is proactive, creative, and constructive. Not merely the click and gaze/glaze of surfing the net. Hmmmm.... BLOG!"

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October 11, 2001

I found diplomacy so very

I found diplomacy so very offensive. I think it is because I hate the stupid camp song Kumbaya. But the cartooning is good."

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I just heard a very

I just heard a very interesting interview on CNN. Interviewing a B1 bomber pilot who has been bombing Afganistan. She's one of the few female B1 pilots, and a lot was made about the point of the irony of the Taliban being bombed by women."

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Burst burst@burstworld.com

It is a long story.

I got this email and forwarded it about... Whether you're from city or farm, there is no other charm like the good > old El Mocambo."" > > Please read this and sign if you want to help - distribute to friends and > helpers . If you're the 25th person to sign, send to: > DANBURKE4@excite.com > > One of the world's most enduring and historic rock and roll > clubs,Toronto's El Mocambo, has been told this week it will have to shut > down November 1 by the new landlord of the club. The new landlord, who on > Sept. 16 purchased the building where the El Mocambo is located, plans to > operate a ""dance studio"" in the building, along with a ""spiritual outreach > centre."" The landlord's dance studio needs a new space because it recently > went bankrupt and lost it lease at its current location. > > The El Mocambo has been presenting rock acts since 1972, including The > Rolling Stones, U2, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis Costello, The New York Dolls, > Patti Smith, and Lou Reed, to name just a few. More importantly, in the > past three years the El Mocambo has re-emerged as one of the world's most > cutting-edge live clubs introducing Toronto to artists like Sum 41, > Japan's The Zoobombs, Germany's Chicks on Speed, NYC's The Toilet Boys, > Chicago's The Chamber Strings, Toronto's Peaches, Danko Jones, The Deadly > Snakes and so on. The club is thriving. > > The current booking agent/programme manager of the club, Dan Burke, is > seeking public support to defend against this planned violation of the > club's historical vocation, which is presentation of live rock shows. He > is seeking letters of opposition to this assault on Canada's Rock and Roll > Landmark. Then I got this one From:"

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October 07, 2001

[+][beam] Jason bought two books

[+][beam] Jason bought two books today... with yuka's permission [+][beam] Jason says, ""CyborgCitizen:Politics in the PostHuman Age, and The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory."" [+][beam] Jason says, ""I plan to use them as examples of why people who do theory don't understand the net."" [Of course, it is not that what they're saying isn't cool and important. But that they're looking at the surface content of the net. And for me, when you're dealing with content, you're already dealing with a very complex sea of bias, privilege, and linguistic hegemony even before someone logs in. And every time a line of code is written, a file permission set, and a new bit of shareware gets uploaded, the net has been located in a domain/discourse that contaminates everything that comes after.]"

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October 03, 2001

[+][beam] Hildegarde [to Sarah]: I'm

[+][beam] Hildegarde [to Sarah]: I'm about to launch on a speech about that [+][beam] Hildegarde [to Sarah]: I really am [+][beam] Sarah says, ""On...."" [+][beam] Sarah asks, ""What exactly?"" [+][beam] Hildegarde ahems. [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""wait wait, my calf is asleep"" [+][beam] Hildegarde says, ""I can't lauch on a speech while my calf is asleep"""

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