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November 04, 2001

A pleasant suprise. After taking

A pleasant suprise. After taking 30 of my students to the Toronto Island for the day (Stephen, my TA, lead the day and did a great job), he and I accompanied Maureen (the course poet and chronicler) to the main LCBO. While picking up some new roses, stephen was perusing the scotches... and I pointed out a very nice one, Ledaig, that I'd bought in Tobermory, Scotland last June, and carried all the way home. My jaw dropped at the price, $99.90. I've never paid more than $50 for a bottle, and I'm happy to be able to find some nice stuff at what is considered to be the rock bottom rate for single malts. And I had found that scotch in Scotland was as expensive at home... Ledaig was a major exception. I paid about $45 for it in scotland. Of course this is the one that Yuka drinks. I drink the Laphroag and Duns Bheagan bought locally. The bottles of Highland Park and Scapa that I bought in the Orkneys are almost gone. The Highland Park distillery was the only one I visited, and I didn't take a tour. I only wanted to visit that distillery because they cut their own peat, and they peat their own malt by hand on a giant malting floor. Yuka and I got to visit the malting floor and poke about. Quite wonderful."

Posted by jason at November 4, 2001 04:58 PM