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January 27, 2002

Here is a very nice

Here is a very nice panoramic picture of my apartment, about 180degrees worth. This is pretty much what dave would have seen too when he was living in the building. Left to right we have the CNtower with Skydome below it, city hall in front. lake ontario can just be seen on the horizion between 2 buildings. Below is Ontario College of Art, with Grange Park behind it. The smoke stack on the horizion is Toronto Western Hostpital where I was born, and in the foreground is the Art Gallery of Ontario. Everything else is basically Queen Street West, and Chinatown. Though, at the right edge is the beginning of the University of Toronto. My office is right behind the tall building at the right edge, and Yuka's library is just in front of it. A small world, but it is ours."

Posted by jason at January 27, 2002 10:38 AM