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January 25, 2002

This is my earliest RECORDED

This is my earliest RECORDED presence on the Internet. Thanks to dave for putting me on to this. For some reason, everything done from 1987 to 1992 is lost. Or maybe I was lurking for that period of time.
Google Search: Jason@writer Search Result 10From: Jason Nolan (jason@writer.yorku.ca) Subject: ftp-able kanjitalk and shareware??????? Newsgroups: sci.lang.japanView: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format
DATE: 1992-04-15 16:07:01 PST Hi, I heard someone telling us that they got Kanjitalk for free on a CD-rom. Are there any other ways to get it for free? Is there an ftp site? Is there someone who would get a kick out of mailing a copy to me? Also, I found Gomtalk (with is useless to me since I'm running 6.05), but it set me to wondering if there was enough share/free/postcardware to get me started with alittle wordprocessing or something to tide me over until I've got a real job. Thanks in advance for the info. Jason Nolan __________________ Sometimes mistaken for the Grand Pootweet!"

Posted by jason at January 25, 2002 03:30 PM