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February 23, 2002

Jim Flaherty is too stupid

Jim Flaherty is too stupid for words.Flaherty vows to sell Ontario's liquor firm, going back to the future in campaign promises and resurrecting a party pledge from 1995 to sell off the LCBO liquor stores, the TV Ontario government television network and several other assets. After its election in 1995, the Conservative government spent several years considering the feasibility of selling the LCBO and TV Ontario. It concluded that it could not risk reducing the $900-million a year that it receives from the LCBO and that private investors were not interested in buying TV Ontario. The LCBO is the largest retailer of alcohol in the world and uses its purchasing power to ensure low wholesale prices for its products and widespread availability of specialty brands, said a government official who has examined the possibility of selling the board. Mr. Flaherty said he believes the government could sell the LCBO, increase choice and competition.

I guess he can't read the internal contradictions in his own thinking."

Posted by jason at February 23, 2002 03:07 PM