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February 15, 2002

Not the best of news

Not the best of news today. I didn't get my SSHRC Post-doc to do blogging. Bwaaaaaaa... I scored low on both my 'track record' and my 'program of work'. That's somewhat funny, in light of 20 page CV, my publication record, and the funding I've already got for my blog topic. SSHRC always scores me low when I apply. I'm rather convinced that they just have no understanding of what I'm doing, how cool it is, and the fact that you must be poly-disciplinary. And I guess I just fall through the cracks. Such is life. Three more job applications in the pipe. But it is a bummer. I would have liked to spend the next two years blogging."

Posted by jason at February 15, 2002 06:44 PM