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February 20, 2002

"Oh, what a wonderful world."

Oh, what a wonderful world. Read the final proofs for my book chapter ""Learning Cyberspace: An Educational View Virtual Community"" that I wrote back in 1999 with Joel Weiss. It is FINALLY going to print this year, with Cambridge UP. No mistakes, but some minor stuff that will have to be changed, because it is not 1999 any more. Then went, with Salmon, to see David Noble talk about ""The Rise and Demise of Online Learning"" as part of the KMDI lecture series. Then salmon and I went to Pho Hung for dinner and a beer, to talk about Pollenesque, Borges, Blake and coyotes. And I stopped in at Norms on Baldwin to get my DVD of Dead Man that he picked up for me, also got ""Ghost Dog"", anther Jarimush film, and the one I've not seen. Met Norm, who is Norm's cat, as well. Amy, from John's Italian Cafe, was there too. Her harddrive blew, and so I'm going to give her a spare one... in exchange for inviting us over to show her cats to Yuka. Great day, until I got home and read the letter from Michel Fullan saying that I was not shortlisted for the English position I wanted at OISE. SHIT! That was something I was sure I was going to get. It is a conspiracy. Scotch then sleep."

Posted by jason at February 20, 2002 10:29 PM