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April 28, 2002

Email from Dave (link on

Email from Dave (link on left). He's coming over for dinner May 7th, from England. I've been trying to find Jeff Noon stuff (Pollenation link on left) and have been having no luck in Canada. So, I send dave a list of what I was hoping for, to which he replied, after hitting the shops:

> Pollen (First edition, Hardcover or paper reading copy) ƣ5.59 for paper Don't got it. > *Cobralingus ƣ9.95 for paper Got it, ƣ9.95. > *Needle In The Groove - ƣ5.59 for paper Got it, ƣ6.99. > *Needle In The Groove - CD - ƣ11.99 Don't got it. > *Pixel Juice - ƣ5.59 for paper Got it, ƣ6.99. > Automated Alice (paper or cheap hardcover) - ƣ5.59 for paper Got it, ƣ6.99 (paper). > *Nymphomation - ƣ5.59 for paper Got it, ƣ6.99. > Vurt (British First edition only.) Could be $60 if signed Don't got it.
This totally spans me out... all the stuff I NEED, I get."

Posted by jason at April 28, 2002 03:55 PM