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April 24, 2002

"Ok, first, I am working"

Ok, first, I am working on the soundtrack for Pollenation version #3, and spontaneously include the Bauhaus tune Exquisite Corpse. I look up the lyrics and then post them on Pollenation, because they're just so pollen. Then I go to the bookstore so that I can get my copy of Abraham & Torok's 1994 book The Shell and the Kernel: Renewals of Phychoanalysis that I ordered so that I can complete my review of Castricano's Cryptomimeisis: The Gothic and Jacques Derrida's Ghost Writing for the Journal of Dracula Studies. I open the book and see this: Maria Torok (1968) ""The Illness of Mourning and the Fantasy of the Exquisite Corpse."" Curiouser and curiouser."

Posted by jason at April 24, 2002 04:56 PM