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April 28, 2002

Ok. I am bald. Notice

Ok. I am bald. Notice before? Look to the left. I wear hats (repeat previous two sentences). I wore hats long before I learned to shave my head, so there's not a big congruency, aside from the head itself. To continue... I lose hats with great regularity as well. Especially the baseball like hats I wear these days. Well, Yuka and I spent 3 hours walking around highpark and back home along queen street. I noted that if we walked as far as ""Odyssey"" on queen street, I'd buy a new cap, so that I could wash the one i have left. We got there. If we handn't this topic would be meaningless. Couldn't find the hats I like. And they are particular. The paricularities are namely that they have no name or logo or icon on them. They are plain. THey actually fit on your head, rather than ride high enough to cover a beehive wig. They are dark grey, blue or black, without being cheezy colours. And they have drawstring, rather than elastic. And I couldn't find any. As I said. HOWEVER, Yuka found the famous and fabled unlearn.^TM caps from unlearn!!!! I had one. I lost it. Before I lost it, everyone wanted it. Perhaps someone stole it? I don't know. But Yuka found it again. The store owner/manager/noisy guy told me that the org (unlearn.^tm) had gone through some shakeups, and that's probably why no one had responded to my email in the past 2 years asking to know how I could buy more hats. There you go. The web site doesn't show any greater return to reality... so it may be that someone's just bootlegging the hats. Now I have two (2) of my favourite hats, in blue and black. I have three (3) unlearn hats in Black, Beige and Blue. One is for me. One is for Joel my dissertation supervisor. And one is for Bob Morgan who flipped over them more than anything. Do you want one? The store owner/manager/noisy guy told me that he'd sell me them at a discount if I wanted to order a bunch. And at $35 per, it might be a good idea to make a list. How else can you get the coolest caps on the pedagogical planet."

Posted by jason at April 28, 2002 12:59 PM