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May 29, 2002

Hazy Dayz of Zummer

Not quite. But there is news afoot. Or a foot of news. 1) I read and signed my contract to teach this summer at OISE. Teaching CTL1000, foundations of curriculum, if you don't know that already. It is something that I can do. And I love it. I have been wondering where to start the foundations. The present plan is the ""art of courtly love"" which everyone I know has heard me talk about. It is 13th C book on how to be a knight. BUT, I was just thinking of St Augustine on Education as a prelude to that. Tasty. 2) While reading the fine print on the contract I noticed the words ""Graduate Appointment"" on the contract. Checking with PeterT, I can therefore say that I'm 'visiting professor' at OISE this summer... and last for that matter. YOU may not care, but it makes a big difference for my poor CV. Wheeeee! 3) I have been boxing books in preparation for my move, which now looks like it will be somewhere between June 17 and July 8. The servers moving on the 8th after the switch goes in, though I may have to move them to the ePresence lab before that. No problem there. I can move my own stuff in as soon as the locks are activated on the doors. 4) After 4 days of trying, I finally convinced Sympatico that they had removed the DSL card from the other end of our neighbour's HSE connection. THey put it back in within 6 hours, and she's back to normal. And I was wondering why I'm tired. And we're not even discussing the Kluwer handbook meeting... which I'm saving until next week to talk about."

Posted by jason at May 29, 2002 04:40 PM