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May 01, 2002

"Solace says, ""Hm. It seems"

Solace says, ""Hm. It seems to me that in between mud tablets and the web came all sorts of other things... everything from pictoral diaries to family newsletters."" You grin. Solace says, ""And before mud tablets were paintings on walls."" You say, ""the idea is the modularity of the post... shortness and focus."" You say, ""and that they're public documents."" You say, ""and that a whole community is participating in it"" Solace asks, ""Ok... but why modularity?"" You say, ""blogs are daily posts, but the way the tech has been implimented, most all blogs have unique identifiers for each post... they can be accessed out of context or within"" You say, ""My post now, was http://jasonnolan.net/2002_05_01_archive.html#76041430"" You say, ""each entry is like a stone tablet."" You say, ""they can be ordered."" You say, ""That takes you to the exact post as you have it... modular, shareable."" Solace says, ""So basically, if you're looking at the history of blog, you'd need to consider public diaries/common diaries."" You say, ""very much so..."" Solace says, ""Ok....So you're talking about each separate *entry* when you do that."" You nod."

Posted by jason at May 1, 2002 11:29 AM