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June 08, 2002

Little Italy

Hanging in Salmon's part of town, but didn't bug her... had icecream, and went to a music store. There are only two on that street... one is Boom She Said, and the other one I went to. Found 2 CDs... vert n i n e t y p e s o f a m b i g u i t y and vert t h e k l n k o n z e r t . Then on the way out, I ordered two Pollen CDs, and then on theWAY out saw Sparks ""Profile: The Ultimate Sparks Collection"". Now I can continue work on Pollenation #3 and #5... tentatively entitled ""RoboDogBoy"" and ""FlowerSmokeGirl"". Yuka touched many animals. And there was much rejoicing."

Posted by jason at June 8, 2002 10:02 PM