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June 26, 2002

"Moooooo, eh?"

I finally got an OSX compatible MOO client when I found Cantrap. Sometimes I just can't use our Java interface, because I'm doing silly things with my web browser, or I need my connection to be in a tiny window, or something. So, I've been using Savitar. It's not OSX compatible, which is a pain. Now with Cantrap, I've got one less nonOSX app to worry about. OSX is unix-based, if you don't know, so nonOSX applications must run in emulation, which is a pain. As of now, I only have a couple of programs that aren't compatible: Now UpToDate, FireWorks and Photoshop, and a couple I rarely use. When I get new versions of them, I'm freeeeee!"

Posted by jason at June 26, 2002 08:04 AM