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June 10, 2002

"Oh, My God! It's SimSim"

I just got a visit/comment (see post below) from SimSim! and her ""My Janet Blog"". SimSim's one of my most famous ex-students, and responsible for my only appearance on VH1, or so I've heard. They sent a crew up from the US to interview her as the #1 Michael Jackson fan on the planet. I got interview from my august position as a professor of ""#1 Michael Jackson fan on the planet"". That said, SimSim and I spent many hours while she was my workstudy student listening to old Ultravox, Vibrators, Onlyones, Stranglers, etc... and bless her, I almost never had to listen to MJ. Well, SimSim has a cool blog, so check it out... and she uses the word masterbation on it. I can imagine her still blushing. Go SimSim!"

Posted by jason at June 10, 2002 05:46 PM