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July 06, 2002

Garbage Fears in Toronto

The Toronto Garbage Strike of 18,000 city workers is a great summer fiction. Let me explain. I live in Toronto. To me, and everyone until the provincial government forced, by imperial caviat, otherwise, Toronto is the downtown bit from the lake to around Eglinton Avenue, and from Victoria Park Avenue to the Humber River. It is surrounded by 4-5 other cities: Scarbrough, East York, North York, York and Etobicoke. They are suburbs to me, and all right thinking Torontonians. We don't have much of a garbage problem downtown, in the central part of Toronto. Yes we have garbage, and there are some piles, and they are a bit stinky. Nothing majorly health hazardous. Now, there may be some problem out in the burbs, but as usual, the problems of the other cities get exported to pollute the whole, just like the waste of living space, commuting cars, and piles of suburban party goons that trash downtown on the weekends. We have one pile of garbage, and it is the burbs, if anything, not the real toronto. My rant for the summer."

Posted by jason at July 6, 2002 08:08 AM