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July 31, 2002

Getting Apache in line!

I've been having some troubles with the Project Achieve CVE server. I've always had virtual IP set up to host my old server, But last year, when I had to rebuild the box, I couldn't get Virtual IP working. Now, with the help of Michel, it is working again. I had him look over what I was doing, not being able to figure out the problem myself. He couldn't find out the problem either. Basically, I could have either achieve OR noisey, but not both. As we were giving up, he made a casual comment which triggered something... and voila! It turns out that the apache documentation don't explicitly mention that if you want to have a virtual host that you MUST set up both domain names as virtual, not just the one you want. Sheesh. More good wishes for document writers that they get out more. Thanks Michel! Unfortunately, this solution doesn't work with OS X, so jasonnolan.net, edublog.com and edublog.kmdi.utoronto.ca is still a bit of a mess. Perhaps tomorrow."

Posted by jason at July 31, 2002 10:42 PM