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July 07, 2002

I want more like this... everyday.

It was a good day. The best birthday ever. Though there were some interruptions. Kenny called and sang into my answering machine, Dave said something really scary, and I got this on my moo screen when I got out of the shower: [+][beam] Kat has connected. [+][beam] Kat exclaims, ""HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!"" [+][beam] Kat does her obligatory duty. [+][beam] Kat has disconnected. And yuka bought me a beer mug! Oh, and I called my mom to thank her for having me 40 years ago... there was silence on the other end of the phone, then I heard ""oh, yes. It IS your birthday today. I wasn't sure what day it was..."" That's what you get when you spend your summer on an island. She was thanked nonetheless."

Posted by jason at July 7, 2002 10:42 PM