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July 30, 2002

Such a lou reed day.

Why today is a cool day... Listened to Salmon's Pollen Two. My replacement Airport basestation arrived today, and after a bit of fiddling, Yuka and I have a wireless network at home again. yayayaya. Then, I spent the day reading and marking essay outlines and annotated bibliographies of my students. Wild bunch. I can't wait to read their papers. After a year of wondering, I finally found found out how to get the LambdaMOO server to compile on Mac OS X. First I had to download and install the apple developer utilities so that I had c-compilers and stuff like that. Only 250megs, but it took 4.5 hours!!!!!!! Lucky I was busy marking. It took a bit of making changes in the C libraries then to recompile and voila... jasonnolan.net can run a moo now!!! That, and the fact that I bought the coolest new computer case down at a store on King, just next to MEC. I can get my willow case inside, and it has a billion pockets. It is like a courier bag, but with accoutrements. And it was yellow. A steal at $120. But it was 70% off, so I paid $40. I think I'll go get another one. Of course, my propellor beanie is too cool for words, and with my office window open, it twirls all day."

Posted by jason at July 30, 2002 09:35 PM