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August 30, 2002

But I hadn't heard of...


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Blogging Kitties

Yes, I'd head aboutEssential Blogging from OReilly. But what I didn't know about was the cat pictures on the cover! Thanks dave."

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August 28, 2002


Ran into Mike Rosenthal, superDrummer for the metaCool superGarage. Actually, it is Michael, one of OISE's Menninblack from the EducationCommons. Says he's going on tour to NYC. Listened to Five Year Rut from their Demolition CD, and was reminded that there are two meanings of the word rut. Check it out!"

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August 27, 2002

Ceci n'est pas un blog!

I was looking for a bibliographic reference for Foucault's book Ceci n'est pas un Pipe, and found the following reference on blogging. This is particularly neat, because I wrote an article for NetAuthor titled Ceci n'est pas un blog last January. Anyone know what it says? Geradon.be: Ceci n'est pas un blog Ce matin, davantage par ennui que par rel intrít, je me suis mis ž rpertorier les blogs qui avaient pris le parti de me linker. Je ne sais pas si je dois percevoir ž la vue du faible rsultat constat un manque d'intrít quasi-global ou une msestimation gnralise. Peut-ítre suis-je rellement mauvais, peut-ítre ne suis-je pas drÁle ? Sur un panel de 50 blogs, ž peine un blog sur trois me linke. Aprøs 5 mois d'activit, je me sens 'hachement incompris. Peut-ítre que finalement, mon blog n'est pas un blog. Je vais y rflchir.


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August 26, 2002

"Cryptomimesis: Endebtedness, Haunting and Desire in the Works of Jacques Derrida"

I just finished a 'final' draft of a book review called: Cryptomimesis: Endebtedness, Haunting and Desire in the Works of Jacques Derrida that should be going off to the Journal of Dracula Studies at the end of the week. Anyone wanna read it and leave any comments? If you dare. They'd be muchly appreciated..."

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the Web's Real Money Is in the Gutter

From Unseemly to Lowbrow, the Web's Real Money Is in the Gutter [NY Times, login required.] I do want to rant long and deep on this issue. I got online in November 1987. I cried when the net opened to biz. I cried, though later cheered, when the WWW came along. Now people (like bruce sterling) are complaining that the net is dying because of the dotBomb, and the post-apocalyptical porn and fraud biz, along with the snakeoil salespeople. I didn't want biz, but they came, they failed, they complained. And they think that their revenant afterglow is some nasty plague. The net will get back to people talking to people, and looking for the information that they want from public and personal caches of information. The sooner that people give up on the net as a get rich quick scheme and go somewhere else, the more quickly we can go on living our lives. Hopefully some of us will make a living online, but I don't want to see anyone making a killing online."

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August 25, 2002

Holiday Pictures #1

Climbing in Canada I is pictures from when I took everyone rockclimbing in Toronto. Unfortunately it doesn't include the pictures they took of me doing a backwards Mission Impossible pose.


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Building Virtual Communities is out!

Building Virtual Communities - Cambridge University Press is out!

I have a chapater in it, ""Learning Cyberspace: An Educational View of Virtual Community."" The bottom link is to an old draft fo the complete paper. Minor revisions were made for the final version."

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I'm back!

Just got in with the crazy three-some from our tour of Midland, Bala, Algonquin Park, Ottawa, Kingston (Eagle Lake) and home. More news to follow. Lost no one. Crashed no cars. Took lots of pictures. Ate lots of Japanese food... wait. Something's strange here."

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August 18, 2002

Just checking

Into the final leg of the journey. First time I've been online since in more than a week. Wow. It sure is nice to be far away.

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August 10, 2002

Hanging with the Horsey set

Went to watch my sister Emily in her first equestrian event of the year. For the 9 and under group. She got a first and a second, and was tied for whatever you call the top position in her age group. Lost by a coin toss. Her buddy Danny, who is 2 years older got 2 firsts and a fourth and won the top position in hers. And yuka got to see a 2 month old foal of a miniture horse. A good time was had by all... though it took us 70km to get to an event 20km away, cause I was following a ship of fools who didn't know where they were going."

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August 09, 2002

"Oh, and..."

I finished teaching my summer course, which is cool. AND, that last day I got a package with 2 books in it. Two copies of ""Building Virtual Communities: Learning and Change in Cyberspace"" with a copy of my article ""Learning Cyberspace: An Educational View of Virtual Community"" published by Cambridge UP. The coolest bit is that the cover includes two of my web pages with Yuka's cartoons right there! yay yuka...."

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On the road...

Hey. I'm sometimes answering email for the next 3 days, but I'm on the road. Been in Midland for the last two days, staying with Dad. Yuka, Yoshie and Marie have the boat house. I got the floor somewhere. Marie went horseback riding wiht Cats, Emilie and Danny yesterday. And today we got out kayaking, using the Janta's kayaks. Loads of fun, but Yoshie only goes in circles. Tomorrow we're off to Bala for 3 nights with Jack and Linda Hutton at their Roselawn Inn. We'll visit their Bala museum as well. And hopefully go for a boat trip on the Seguin around lake muskoka. Then we're off to algonquin park with the help of Algonquin Outfitters. We're going to Lake Opeongo, and plan to play about for 5 days. Then we're off to Ottawa, hopefully to visit Kenny, for 2 days... followed by 4 days in Kingston visiting Mom and my niece Siobhan. Taking lots of pictures, so expect a flood when I get back. I'll post something from kenny's house, or perhaps from Bala, but not much, as this is a holiday, and I didn't bring a computer. I'm using Cheryl's cause she wanted me to set up the internet connection properly,and I forgot that I'd not told anyone I left. And yes, Mutsumi's taking care of Mota and my plants. Be well. J"

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August 03, 2002

Fishy fishy

Salmon came over for dinner tonight. I gave her a pair of infinity speakers. And they're still here. Next to the coffee grinder I gave her last month. This is getting interesting. What I'm working towards is to get her to BRING stuff here and leave it. I think we're getting that to happen. She showed up with 6 beers, and there are still 3 left. And she gave me some of the coolest neatest most wonderful shit that has ever passed my doorway. Get this. A copy of Pollen. Yes, I have a copy of Pollen. Had it for many years. But this is a autographed copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if that wasn't enough to catapult her beyond godhead... a 12 piece Alice puzzle in a match box. And 3 post cards Boda/Charry and Dodo! And a poem on sneezing printed on a tissue, that I don't understand. Heaven. Had pizza with da fish, Yuka, Nei-chan, Marie-chan and Masako... Nei-chan (sister in law) brought yuka a DVD by the guy who did Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service called Sen to Chihiro no Kami Kakushi... English title: Spirited Away. Our DVD player rejected it because you can't use DVDs from other countries. BUT, I hooked up my puter to the TV, and forced it to show the movie. Amazing bit o' manga."

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August 02, 2002

"St Jason, Patron of Converts"

Jason: there is a Saint Jason!!! Catspaw: Other than your own miracle-causing self? Jason: Yep... Acts 17:5-9 Jason: http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/saintj93.htm Catspaw: St. Jason is the patron saint of Converts

Catholic Online - Saints - St. Jason Saints of July 12 - Jason"

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Fugu! The Research Systems Unix Group at Umich has made a GUI front end for SFTP!!! That's secureFTP. And that's a Good Thing^tm And it is free. And it means I can FTP to Achieve (which has no FTP for security reasons I'm not presently willing to devulge). The start of a good day.

Happy Birthday Hildegarde!!!


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August 01, 2002

Brin Needs Fluvogs.

Please send me money, because Brin needs Fluvogs! Size 13 pope shoes to be exact. Please send me enough to cover half the $100CND cost. Ok?"

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My sister-in-law and neice:

are here now! Abandon hope all ye who enter. They're over on their first visit to Canada, to see the sites, pet the animals, and to generally cause trouble. Good chance for me to practice my non-existant japanese."

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