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August 09, 2002

On the road...

Hey. I'm sometimes answering email for the next 3 days, but I'm on the road. Been in Midland for the last two days, staying with Dad. Yuka, Yoshie and Marie have the boat house. I got the floor somewhere. Marie went horseback riding wiht Cats, Emilie and Danny yesterday. And today we got out kayaking, using the Janta's kayaks. Loads of fun, but Yoshie only goes in circles. Tomorrow we're off to Bala for 3 nights with Jack and Linda Hutton at their Roselawn Inn. We'll visit their Bala museum as well. And hopefully go for a boat trip on the Seguin around lake muskoka. Then we're off to algonquin park with the help of Algonquin Outfitters. We're going to Lake Opeongo, and plan to play about for 5 days. Then we're off to Ottawa, hopefully to visit Kenny, for 2 days... followed by 4 days in Kingston visiting Mom and my niece Siobhan. Taking lots of pictures, so expect a flood when I get back. I'll post something from kenny's house, or perhaps from Bala, but not much, as this is a holiday, and I didn't bring a computer. I'm using Cheryl's cause she wanted me to set up the internet connection properly,and I forgot that I'd not told anyone I left. And yes, Mutsumi's taking care of Mota and my plants. Be well. J"

Posted by jason at August 9, 2002 07:28 PM