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August 26, 2002

the Web's Real Money Is in the Gutter

From Unseemly to Lowbrow, the Web's Real Money Is in the Gutter [NY Times, login required.] I do want to rant long and deep on this issue. I got online in November 1987. I cried when the net opened to biz. I cried, though later cheered, when the WWW came along. Now people (like bruce sterling) are complaining that the net is dying because of the dotBomb, and the post-apocalyptical porn and fraud biz, along with the snakeoil salespeople. I didn't want biz, but they came, they failed, they complained. And they think that their revenant afterglow is some nasty plague. The net will get back to people talking to people, and looking for the information that they want from public and personal caches of information. The sooner that people give up on the net as a get rich quick scheme and go somewhere else, the more quickly we can go on living our lives. Hopefully some of us will make a living online, but I don't want to see anyone making a killing online."

Posted by jason at August 26, 2002 08:31 AM