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September 02, 2002

Tired: Twlight of the Idylls

Catspaw's Guide to the Inevitably Insane really says it all when it comes to September. She always does. It is september 2nd, 4:39am, and I'm up staring at the screen hoping that my allergies subside enough to get back to sleep. Yes, it is that time of the year. Fall asleep at 9 or 10 because you're exhausted, wake up between 1 and 3 because you start sneezing. Have a scotch... flip through the channels, and hope you go comatoast quickly. Since it has only taken 2 hours, it is not that bad. But tomorrow will be the same... for a couple of weeks. This is a million times better than it was growing up, so I'm not complaining, just tired. Then I'd be stuffed 24x7, and never get any sleep. And the Kleenex people loved me. So this is a minor inconvenience,but it does play hell with my system. And I'm behind in my work. NO shock, but I thought I didn't have any work to do. Almost a dozen poems to review for the Harrow, and then coordinate with the other reviewer, then decide if we should publish them, then do the html work... KMD1000s starting up, and there's work to do that I promised to do this weekend. I wonder what else there is too do. I did get something accomplished this weekend. Setting up yuka's new iMac... the white one with the twisty screen. She didn't want it because it was ugly, but she loves it because it is fast, has a massive harddrive, burner, 384 megs of ram, and the screen tilts. So, something good was done. I think I can sleep now... [You may have noticed that I cut out the comments section on this site. It was too depressing to see all the zeros.]"

Posted by jason at September 2, 2002 04:42 AM