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October 17, 2002

Home coming

Catching the 5pm bus from Midland to toronto. Should be home by 7 or 8. Productive visit. And great to spend all this time with my dad, with no one else around. I only get to see him 3-4 times a year, and will probably not see him again until May/June. I did not spend enough time just staring out into the lake. But that's good, because I should have been working. And I was. [KMD1000 students: I'll be in my office from 12-4 tomorrow, and the same on Monday if you want to come in to talk about your assignment.] And Saturday, Yuka, Ben and I (And hopefully Rochelle) will be going up to leaskdale for an LMM event. We're not quite sure what is going on, but Yuka said that we should be there by 10am. So I'm picking up the car at 7:30."

Posted by jason at October 17, 2002 12:04 PM