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October 12, 2002

"Oh, I have a family?"

It was Emily's 8th birthday yesterday. She's my youngest sister. And as cute as possible. A little barrel of horse fanatic. So, we're at the Inn on the Park, in the Four Seasons room, which is about 20' wide and 80' long... one of those attempts to have an elegant private dining room. The crew included dad and step mom (cheryl). Her parents Wendal and Joyce. Yuka My sisters Kelly (42) and Caitlin (12). Kelly's husband and two kids, Siobhan and Charley (aka Duncan). Emily's regular riding buddy Dani and her mom Tula. They are official family, as Dani lives with Emily during the summer riding season. So, long table for 12 guests plus Emily, and the kids are running around and around and around. And no one worries, because of the heavy doors. Actually not a bad place to have a party. But don't ask me about the food and wine. moan."

Posted by jason at October 12, 2002 07:40 AM