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October 25, 2002


Yuka and I were on our way to pages so that I could buy some books. And between our house and Queen Street. We saw PAZUZU! Haven't seen Pauzu for months, as she's been doing an archaeology dig in northern manitoba, and has recently returned. Plans to get together with her and Simsim. [Newbie alert: Simsim and Pazuzu are ex-students and research assistants, and dangerous women in their own right.] Oh, books A reader's Manifesto - BR Myers Aesthetics of Dissapearance - Paul Virilio Pataphysics: the poetics of imaginary science - Christian Bok Nostalgia for teh absolute - george steiner Simulacra and simulation - baudrillard Book Business - Epstein Flesh Unlimited : Surealist Erotica - Apollinaire/Aragon Martyrology 1/2 - bp nichol Paradoxia: A Predator's Diary - Lydia Lunch The poetics of space - Bachelard Literature and Evil - Bataille Postmodernism Explained - Lyotard Narratives as Virtual Reality - Marie-Laure Ryan Cyber_reader - Neil Spiller These are the ones I bought. I'm so happy."

Posted by jason at October 25, 2002 04:58 PM