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December 31, 2002

Marie and Yoshie Visiting Canada!

I just put up a couple of hundred pictures (about 500) of the visit by Yuka's sister and our neice, Yoshie and Marie. We travelled around Toronto, Midland, Bala, Algonquin, Ottawa, and Kingston last august. And I just got the pictures up now... wheeeee..."

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December 29, 2002

Ukranian dinner.

Yuka and I had dinner at Inna's tonight. Just uploaded the pictures I could take with the short teather of a poweradapter for my camera, as the batteries had run out. We had a wonderful Ukranian dinner, and then looked at pictures of places I would love to visit. It felt positively festive."

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December 28, 2002


I've registered the domain name http://ProjectAchieve.net. This mirrors http://achieve.utoronto.ca and will take over as the main URL for that server. Both will work for the next six months, but as I assume that I'll be working somewhere after the end of the school year, I figured that I'd like to get things percolating through the Internet in advance."

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Steve just put up the PDF version of our paper... for your dining and dancing pleasure... Sousveillance: Inventing and Using Wearable Computing Devices for Data Collection in Surveillance Environments (pdf - 900k) by Steve Mann, Jason Nolan and Barry Wellman. Weddings, parties, anything. And Bongo-jive a speciality..."

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December 27, 2002

Working for LMM and the Mann

Just finished the latest penultimate draft of the sousveillance paper. Will put it up as a PDF momentarily... as soon as Steve processes the .ps file I sent him. Now I'm finishing up my review of ""Remembering L. M. Montgomery"" that I promised last week for Ben and CCL. Good clean times... as someone's often heard to say."

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December 24, 2002

Happy Holidays (still)

(I think I've finally hooked yuka on animations... let's hope.)"

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Day to day

Interesting day... spend a chunk of it emailing back and forth with Steve about blogs and what it means to publish within academic institutions. Then Elizabeth Miller came over to plan our trip to Romania and Hungary that she, yuka and me are doing. Finally Landro Kalrizian came over. He's up from NYC, visiting his mom, Styrine. Had some scotch and beer and tea and scrabble. And we talked about how there's nothing better than tom waits. And he just left. Now I sleepy."

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December 23, 2002

More on Joe

CNN.com - Clash star Joe Strummer dies - Dec. 23, 2002"

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Joe Strummer Dead

No more news than this yet, but Joe strummer (TheClash) found dead today in his home at age 50."

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December 22, 2002

Last minute shopping... for what?

Went out for a long walk with yuka today, mostly down queen west of bathurst. Doing shopping... ie. not really buying anything, or wanting to buy anything, but just poking our heads into stores to see what's there. Would love to get a sofa someday. I DID buy a bath pillow. I wanted one last year, but didn't buy one until they were all sold out. So I didn't pass up the opportunity today. Another opportunity not to be missed, ""The Space Vampires: A Scourage of Sex and Death from an Alien Spaceship!"" by Colin Wilson. Mint condition for $3.50. Haven't read much Wilson, beyond some Lovecraft fanfict and the ""Mind Parasites"" a billion years ago."

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December 21, 2002

The Harrow.

Don't know if you know, but I'm also poetry editor for The Harrow. It is an online zine with the particular feature that it has a blind review system, and we provide indepth feedback to rejected submissions. The goal is often to help people get their work up to the level of a first publication."

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December 20, 2002

Hollywood chases down campus pirates

Hollywood chases down campus pirates - Tech News - CNET.com"

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The Ginger Nun

What fun you can have with a flatbed scanner and a cookie. This was a present to Yuka from her co-worker Martha (Not Stewart) Scott. Came from the ""Queen of Tarts"" bakery. Hmmmmm..."

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Happy holidays from Jason and Yuka!


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December 19, 2002

Achieve needs a new name...

Project Achieve CVE needs a new domain. Since I'll probably be leaving the university of Toronto sometime in the next 8 months, I realize that the achieve server needs a name that will be able to move with me. But Achieve.com/net/org is gone. I wonder what I should call it. Any suggestions? Check with a whois server before suggesting, in case it is already gone."

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Zizek speaks.

Just got an email from the Lacanian d00d himself, slavoj zizek, with permission to republish his text ""The Matrix, Or, the two sides of perversion"" in the International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments. What a cool cool day."

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Edublog returns...

I've resurrected the EduBlog.com blog to keep track of blogging focused materials. I'll probably move it from blogger.com to MT sometime soon, but for the moment, I'm just happy to have it back up."

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Roger Day

Now it is Roger Kuin's turn. I need to update movabletype to the new version, then add some libraries that I've not had in for a bit. Then fix up his student's blogs. NOTE: if you can't find some blogs that you previously could find on edublog.com check the address. edublog.com/docs/kuin/journal is now edublog.com/kuin/journal. And same for anything else previously found with a /docs/. I'll try to imagine a symbolic link solution as soon as i get some yoga and some coffee into me."

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December 18, 2002


Thanks to ben, I got things straightened out. http://jasonnolan.net http://lmmontgomery.net http://edublog.com and http://edublog.kmdi.utoronto.ca are all now in their particular zoos. I've been putting it off for six months, because OS X is just that much more strange than RH Linux that I couldn't figure out how to configure httpd.conf on OS X. But knowing that Ben needed http://lmmontgomery.net running, and I'd promised to get it up, AND I did need to get jasonnolan.net running properly, I finally got to it. And it was fun."

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Repair day!

Just a warning that the blogs on jasonnolan.net and edublog.com may be off line a bit today. Trying to fix up some of the problems that they've been having lately. Hope it won't inconvenience anyone much.

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"Silliman's Blog"

and works as a market analyst in the computer industry. <-- why does this scare me so?

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For Kat and Ben

From Something Awful, here is I'm Always Right: The Definitive Guide to the Simpsons. I was looking about for the blogging image I put up yesterday, which the nice people at Something Awful so nicely blocked. And I found this article from Dec. 15."

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December 17, 2002

Thanks KAT!

Kat thought I'd like this one."

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December 15, 2002

Dinner with Charlie

Had lunch with Charlie my sister Kelly, Yuka, Lynn and Lars. Yuka paid me lots of money to not put her pictures online."

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Someone bought me somthing off my Amazon.ca: Wish List! How lucky I am."

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December 14, 2002

More pictures... kingston summer 2002

My summer trip part 3 (don't know where one and two are at the moment) to Kingston2002 [Yuka made me take this link off. You're not allowed to see pictures of her.]. With Yuka, her sister, and her sister's daughter... the insane Marie :)"

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December 13, 2002

New pictures!

Here's the pictures of Jason's 40th Birthday and Graduation Party, which took place last November. Though since my birthday was early July, and I graduated in January 2001, I don't feel so bad taking a month to get them online."

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December 12, 2002

Steve and Barry's 42 Flavours...

Putting the finishing touches on the paper that Barry Wellman Steve Mann and I have been working on since forever. Actually, my most recent activity has been to join version 37 with version 42. In 38 we had to cut it in half, and reposition it for a publication that then didn't take it, for silly reasons. Now we have to put in what we cut, but not lose all the polishing from 38-42. It has made my brain hurt. So, I'm spending the day at home in my PJs."

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December 11, 2002

Attention OS X users

I just downloaded and installed uControl. Check it out. It allows you to remap keys on your keyboard. For people with laptops, it means that you can remap useless keys like 'enter' to make it a command or control key or something. My TiBook has only one command key on the left of the spacebar. Some keyboards have them on both sides, but not mine. But now, with the cleaning and disinfecting power of uControl, ugly and unsightly stains are a thing of the past! That's not quite right... but still."

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If I only knew.

How come no one told me that many of the media pages on the right have bad links? Well, I'll fix them now..."

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Big scary meetings

I had a big scary meeting in my office yesterday with Katherine and Catspaw. It was long. We discussed many things. There is a new thing being developed. It will be the next big thing. And I was there, at the big scary meeting."

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Internet Destroyer

My first new years revolution. I will stop using InternetDestroyer as my main web browser. Still some testing to do, but I think I can use Navigator. I don't like Mozilla, because it is too slow, but Nav is good. Just need to see if it can 'do' everything I need. Internet Destroyer, just loves to crash/hang/freakout at the wrong times, and alternative browsers are *just* about up to snuff."

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December 08, 2002

Things I do today...

Uploaded a wack of powerpoint slides, and pdf documents to the KMD1000 web site. Still have to link some of them. But it is nice to FINALLY get lecture notes to put up for half of the course. I got mine done, in so far as I was able, and now have most of the outstanding stuff. Then went shopping for holiday presents. Just back for coffee and going out to get more. Presents. Then off to Le Slect Bistro for dinner with the girls tonight. Feels like a holiday already if you ask me. Let's not talk about all the work I have to do tomorrow. Ugh.

I noticed, from my logs that I'm getting visits to this page from universities to which I have recently applied. Coincidence perhaps? Or just checking up on my spealing? Welcome nonetheless."

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December 07, 2002

cleaning day

Spending the day cleaning. After getting a pile of job applications out this week, and getting the KMDI1000 students' assignments back, I need to get the homelife in order... in time for yuka to come home. Got pizza dough defrosting even. Gonna go and get a movie in a bit. But cleaning first. Time to go and clean the tiles in the bathroom... heavy duty. Got that done. Then wash the humifier and get it ready for the season. Done. Cleaned out the vacuum cleaner, washed the 2 filters, and got 'em drying. Did some industrial plant watering and fertilizing. Then went through my wine making equiptment, cleaning up stuff, and throwing out the old stuff that was getting ratty. I'll have to buy more tubing mostly. That was the easy stuff. The hard stuff was cleaning the balcony, which I've left lay fallow for months. Had to cut down the old hops vines, and bring the heather plant inside. Also the two big hopvine roots need to be removed from the soil, and wrapped up and put in the freezer to keep them dormant until spring. THEN cleaned up the rest of the balcony so that it looks less like a rubbish tip. Now what? hmmmm.... clean the kitchen. I've got the web cam on, and it is set on 'motion sensor' so all you can see is blurrs of me walking by... but it proves I'm moving still..."

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December 06, 2002

Gotta love institutions...

More of what happens when you make inflexible institutions that you can't or won't maintain. From Globe and Mail A mob of residents beat to death two of three youths who tried to rob a taxi driver Thursday night in a Mexico City neighbourhood, Mexican media reported."

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December 05, 2002

High Noon for the VLE

Just got an email from Jeff Noon's literary agent. It looks like we'll be able to come to an agreement allowing us to reprint some of Jeff's work in our Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments. This is better than coffee in the morning.

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December 04, 2002

DrJ Cam

Dr J Cam is back up and running. I now have my old evocam software running, rather than a demo. Prefer to use what I pay for. I've still got to pay for the software to allow me to use a USB cam on OS X. Which is stinky, but such is life. And it is cheaper than buying a new camera."

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December 02, 2002

Who knows what the Net knows.

Hung out with Catspaw this afters. Her job, and she accepted it without drug induced coersion, was to install Willinsky's Open Journal Systems on Edublog. Five (5) hours later, it was all down to a configuration setting in php.ini, a file that we could not find anywhere on the server. All things being equal, I think coming down from the trees was a highly over-rated development in the human species."

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The Burning Man (and his laptop)

Burning Laptop was a Dell: Remember our story about the bizarre case of a Swedish scientist who scorched his penis and testicles while writing a report in his armchair? From PowerPage.org"

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December 01, 2002

Ack factor x

I just got 6 job applications ready to be sent off tomorrow. And then I was looking through the University Affairs web site. I found fifteen (15) more jobs to apply for. Will this insanity never end?

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