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December 22, 2002

Last minute shopping... for what?

Went out for a long walk with yuka today, mostly down queen west of bathurst. Doing shopping... ie. not really buying anything, or wanting to buy anything, but just poking our heads into stores to see what's there. Would love to get a sofa someday. I DID buy a bath pillow. I wanted one last year, but didn't buy one until they were all sold out. So I didn't pass up the opportunity today. Another opportunity not to be missed, ""The Space Vampires: A Scourage of Sex and Death from an Alien Spaceship!"" by Colin Wilson. Mint condition for $3.50. Haven't read much Wilson, beyond some Lovecraft fanfict and the ""Mind Parasites"" a billion years ago."

Posted by jason at December 22, 2002 06:03 PM