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January 15, 2003

Steve Mann announces Glogs

Cyborglogs (""glogs"") is what Steve's using to describe what he and Joi Ito, and others, are doing in the blogging world... He's always got something new up his sleeve... collecting intel. And he'll be doing, I think, his first public lecture on Glogging in my KMD1000 class this week. Don't miss it... As Steve puts it: Cyborg Logs (also known as cyborglogs, or ""glogs"" for short) are timestamped stream-of-deconsciousness personal diaries often made public in realtime on the World Wide Web. Unlike Web Logs (weblogs, blogs) that are done from a desktop, glogs invite the public inside the life of the glogger, and allow others to communicate with the cyborg by modifying his or her visual perception of reality in realtime."

Posted by jason at January 15, 2003 03:14 PM