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January 16, 2003

Unvoicing the bloggers...

Some people don't have comments on their blogs because they don't know how to add them. Easy to figure out whom... people who use Blogger for instance. They have difficulties adding comments functions without knowing how to edit html and the like. Others don't. If you use moveable type, you have to turn off comments. And that's interesting to me. If comments are off, it means that you do not want to engage with readers. You do not want to hear what people have to say. You do not want to be challenged. That's well and good. All of us get tired of having to defend what we're saying. But it also means that you're part of the broadcast culture... the old paradigm. The technology that silences the many for the betterment of the few. And I can't but wonder why... would it be a disinterest or a disrespect for the reader? Or a heightened sense of self-valuing. It is an open question, because I still think that the real value of computers is in their ability to put people in touch with people. using them to isolate yourself from them (beyond the use of it as a broadcast medium) is problematic in the least."

Posted by jason at January 16, 2003 11:46 PM