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April 30, 2003

Free Trips to Toronto

Got this from Rannie on the GTA BloggersList: Jetsgo - Online Booking is giving free seats to Toronto each weekend, from Ottawa, New York, and Montreal."

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Blogging Presentation

May 9th I'm presenting on Blogs and Conceptual Firewalls at the Nexus Conference at UofT. If anyone's signed up for that conference, drop by to say hi! Blogs and Weblogs: opportunities and conceptual firewalls The tools that we create to communicate limit what can be said as well as offer new opportunities for expression. Information technology developers who seek create multilingual tools suffer under the often unconscious burden of the inherent cultural and language bias inherent in the Internet. As a result, many of the technologies we create to facilitate communication reproduce cultural norms, rather than challenge them. Considering the example of the newly emerging technologies surrounding weblogs (blogs) this presentation will outline the scope of the problem, and conceptual frameworks for challenging the hidden barriers to developing learning tools."

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Sars Update

In case you've not heard. Toronto's SARS ban was lifted by the WHO yesterday. This is because a bunch of government types when to Geneva and complained. You can imagine how problematic this is. On all sides.

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April 29, 2003

"we tune in to the news media, (b)"

[Barry said that I could post this. If you don't know Barry Wellman, for shame. Barry's the ranking d00d on Internet sociology, publisher of the major studies, editor of the major works (like Internet in Everyday Life), consultant to the sultans, yada yada. And an all around learning experience all packed into a single office at the corner of Spadina and College streets. He originally wrote this for the AoIR exec, because we're holding the AoIR conference here in the fall. Thought you might like a sober view of the situation.] The SARS Situation in Toronto [Updated and Edited] Barry Wellman, Tuesday, April 29, 2003 PREFACE In the past few days, Bev Wellman and I have dined out in some lovely restaurants, walked the streets in a nice spring day, and went shopping in some normally crowded areas. In short: life as usual. We would not know that there is a SARS epidemic in Toronto except if (a)"

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April 26, 2003

Anyone want a scanner? Trade for Beer

I just noticed that I have a scanner in the closet. It is a Microtek Slimscan C3. USB scanner. Not often used. Will trade for beer. It does NOT work with OSX, but works with many/most other operating systems. Check out their web site for a list of compatabilties. And I won't ship it. So, if you're not local, or wanting to pay shipping, no go. It is in original packaging. I'm just busy ripping my apartment apart looking for stuff. And finding more than I knew was there, but not what I'm looking for."

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April 25, 2003

Dark poetry

I edit poetry for The Harrow, a zine with neat design graphics. The goal is to provide extensive feedback and support for new authors, beyond the mere rejections. The content is sometimes uneven, but it is good practice for all invovled. Have a look and increase our hits. Or submit! The process is a blind review, so I won't know it is you until after a decision is made."

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Catspaw's Guide to the Inevitably Insane

Some folks don't have enough sense to read Catspaw's Guide to the Inevitably Insane on a minute by minute basis, so I'm driven to remind people to read it. Particularly don't forget to watch her No Adsl flash video. She's not inevitably insane, by the way, she took a course."

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April 24, 2003

A(o)IR: It never rains.

I heard about my conference proposal for AOIR Toronto this fall. My proposed paper ""The Hegemony of ASCII: Rethinging Research into Online Communities in Light of the Deep Structures of the Internet."" was ACCEPTED! And I'm also presenting on a blogging panel. I'm also doing the tech for the conference, and I was a conference reviewer. BUT the review process was blind, so I don't feel too bad. The bit that makes me happy is that I'm the only one at the conference giving a paper and doing a panel. Someone else is doing two panels. Apparently I wasn't suposed to put in two proposals. There are 367 out of 560 proposals accepted. I just wish I could remember what the panel was about... (Jason runs off to dig through his outgoing email. Found it. It is called ""Broadening the Blog"" chaired by Alexander Halavais, SUNY Buffalo)"

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April 23, 2003

Higher Educational Vampires

Just got a polite and tentative request from someone at the Times Higher Education Supplement for an article on my medieval vampires research. Though it seems everyone's getting them... well Elizabeth is as well. Could be fun. Never thought vampires were so smart, did you?"

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April 22, 2003

Dru's first online paid publication...

Professor Dru, founder and fiction editor of The Harrow (I'm poetry editor) just had her first paid publication at Strange Horizons: Pan de los Muertos. Great work Dru!!!"

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A strange thought just came to mind...

Yuka and I are having our double mondo lattes, while persuing websites on Romania. Lots of pictures of sheep. Reminding Yuka that we needed to go back to Scotland. When we were there in 2001 (a b) we couldn't pet the sheep because of Hoof'n Mouth disease. Now it will be SARS. Everywhere Yuka goes, disease thwarts her ability to pet the local fauna. It is a plot!"

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Lobsters don't feel pain when boiled.

The Canadian government is proposing to remove octopus, squid, lobster and crab from the legal list of animals, and the Sentate is questioning if animals are able to feel pain according to this story in The Globe and Mail. Of course it is the unversities and chicken farmers, according to the article, that oppose the bill that could tighten restrictions on cruelty to animals. To me, it is sick to try and hide from what you do as a human. Killing anything causes trauma to the think killed. Even trees' ""pain"" has been measured. You just have to live with that, and be as responsible as you can, under the circumstances of being alive. Somehow the government wants some sort of legislation that makes it ok to kill things because they don't feel anything. Ugh."

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I've been marking papers. And the less said about that the better. But all is not dross. Luckily. I've been repairing a couple if iBooks, trying to get two working computers out of three non-working ones. Two of them belonged to my little sisters, Cats and Emily. Cats' is a total mess, keyboard broken, case cracked and apparent salt water damage. Emily's just had a broken keyboard and damaged battery. The third, I broke. Spilling wine onto it a couple of years ago and frying the mother board. It was up for sale cheap then, so it wasn't that much of a loss. The best working computer is going as a gift to a teenager in a single parent family who can't afford a computer. Don't know who, friends of my dad's. Putting as much spit and polish into that one as I can, because there's no use getting something second hand that falls apart too quickly. Putting in a brand new battery, and all the ram, so that it will have a fighting chance. I was going to put in a larger harddrive, but I've taken iBooks apart before, and they're about the harddest things to take apart, and only slightly harder to put back in one piece. I think there are 33 screws required to get to the harddrive. Better if I don't. The other computer is going into my resurrected mini audio studio, along with all my other derelect audio odds and ends. Poor yuka's ears."

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April 20, 2003

Sars Cat

Don't miss the Sars Cat. And this is not on yuka's blog."

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Red Whine

Last week, Yuka and I got all the way out to the far end of queen street last week, and came home with 22 liters of grape juice. Well, Friday we dumped it in a bucket, with some yeast. And after two days fermentation is making wonderful smells in the kitchen. I'll keep you posted. This is the first time making wine with unconcentrated juice. It is twice the price, costing about $4 a liter, so it will be good to know if it is worth it."

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April 19, 2003


As part of the design process, OCAD has chosen to move the CN-Tower, the worlds largest free standing structure, into its new atrium. It will be directly across the road from me. The picture below shows a crane moving the CN-Tower to its new home. "

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April 18, 2003

YURISAI (Lily Festival)

Director Sachi Hamano is coming to Toronto! with her movie YURISAI (Lily Festival) at the 13th Annual Toronto Lesbian + Gay Film + Video Festival (May 15-25, 2003) You might find this film interesting. The director is a friend of Yuka's (my partner) though they've never met. Sachi actually decided to come to the toronto festival on the hopes of meeting Yuka, but that's the time we'll be in Romania. Sad. But if you have a chance to check out the movie, or tell others, please do. I saw her last movie, and it was wonderful."

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April 17, 2003

Media understands what?

Interesting reminder of how big media can only think of media in terms of itself on boingboing.net. Nothing shocking. Culture reproducing itself, rather than trying to see what new opportunities technology have to offer."

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More of the ugliest building in Toronto

My Dr. J Cam is set up on my balcony looking at OCAD while they put up the tower crane to build the most ugly chopstick and spaceship extenstion. Click on it for uptdating image. How could a school of art and design be so tastelessly ugly? Well, it is Toronto."

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April 16, 2003

Nice non-day

Was suposed to spend the day editing some text. But found out that that day was tomorrow. Today I was suposed to met Diana and Colin to talk about Colin's coming to UofT. So, I ran and ran, first showering and running, and got up there moderately late. Colin seems like just one more thing to trouble ol conservative UofT. Hope he gets in. And hope he reads ""Snowcrash"" before he does. Pollen's only a distant hope. Then met two of my students from KMD1000, going off with Stuart (one of them) for lunch at a Thai place off baldwin, and then to Moonbeam for strange tea and an interesting discussion regarding his paper... on privacy and some stranger notions of data. Tonight, Yuka and I are planning the Vienna and Budapest sections of our trip. Elizabeth Miller's taken care of the other bits. Tomorrow I edit."

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April 15, 2003

April's E2K is online...

Rhonna the Peach just put up this months edition of E2K: a journal for the new literary paradigm, that she edits, and I sometimes am editor-at-large for. We've got a FlashFiction contest going on starting this month. $100 USD first prize! No entry charge. So check it out, if you can tell a story in 1000 words or less. And yes, I'm a judge. So don't tell me if you're sending something in."

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Triangle and Project Achieve

I've got my web cam up, showing the iMac lab at OISE where the students of the Triangle program are working on their virtual spaces. Just click on the image, and you may have to reload the page to get it to update. It has no auto update mechanism at the moment. A new image is uploaded anytime people move."

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Harvard Panics over SARS

In a Globe and Mail article on Sars there's the following line: ""News of the mass exposure emerged yesterday as Harvard University advised its faculty, staff and students not to travel to Toronto, or even Ontario, unless absolutely necessary."" Geee wizzzz. Does that mean I can't go outside because I live around Chinatown? Sigh... how paranoid are people? It's not the bubonic plague!"

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April 14, 2003

The Strangest of Days

This was one of the strangest experiences. I went to my friend's house to tape pictures of his Egyptian Cat. It is an authentic Bastet cat from the 600 BCs, or so I'm told. Just to hold it. To see the hieroglyphics on the sides and the scarab on the top. I have never touched anything that old."

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April 13, 2003

Planning for Romania with Elizabeth Miller

Today Yuka and I went up to visit Elizabeth Miller (the coolest vampire scholar on the planet, if you didn't already know), to plan for the trip we three are planning next month to the Third World Congress on Dracula to be held in Dracula's home town of Sighisoara. Elizabeth's giving the keynote speach, and I'm giving the second draft of my work on Walter Map and William of Newburgh called ""Unearthing Medieval Vampire Stories in England: Fragments from De Nugis Curialium and Historia Rerum Anglicarum"". I've found a number of new facts, found a couple of more books that reference Map and Newburgh, and have had a couple of errors politely corrected. Yuka's checking out Romania on Japanese web pages, so she'll be able to fill us in on all the details. But I can't wait to just get over to Europe again, and run around like a tourist. In between presentations, of course. Elizabeth and I are also presenting in Budapest towards the end of the month at another conference, more info to follow."

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Za night in Toronto...

This year has seen a paucity of parties at our house. But last night we had the chance to change all that. Julia D, Salmon, Simsim, EvaB, Billibus and Aideen graced our table for some Pizza. Kat! and Muddy sent their regrets. And I must have gotten Valdo's email addy wrong. Usually we go for strange stuff, like wild boar pizza. This time it was meat and fish free, focusing on goat cheese, pesto, sundried tomato/olive paste, peppers and asparagus Za. Sumputous desserts and wines were brought. And someone left a nice mustard coloured cartigan with roses on it. I think it was billibus' but he isn't telling."

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April 12, 2003

Celebrating a life

Today is the anniversary of the passing of Yuka's beloved cat, cat-chan. Also known as Neko, or Debu-neko. And at 7:38 this morning, four small red birds flew onto our balcony, and spent 5 minutes in a mad cacaphony of churping, before running off for the rest of their day. Cat-chan's favourite summer hobby was watching these little birds and making stupid cat sounds in their general direction. more..."

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April 11, 2003


Some of you. Alright. All of you, with few exceptions, have no idea who crayon shinchan is. Unless you've been stuck in a salt mine with me, for long periods of time. Anyway, aside from various and sundry degrees and awards and publications, I claim to have the first Shinchan website on the internet. Put it up back in 1995 or 1996. The key is the music. And one of my faves is Damme (Damme = hush hush, no, no way, don't even think about it, stop it, stupid). I have more shinchan 'goods' than anyone in their right mind can reasonably expect to have. Do you want some?"

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[I'm on the board of directors of Net Author, and will be one of the final judges this year, I think. I've also made up the contest submission form... so submit!!! And those are USD prizes.] Net Author's Annual Flash Fiction Contest: 2003 Introducing Net Author's Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest! Regardless of whether flash fiction is your area of specialty, your secret passion, or you've never even tried your hand at the genre, now is the time to polish it up and send it in. We're accepting submissions through June 15; winners will be published in the July, August, September, and October issues of Net Author's *E2K*. Interested? Read on! Title: Net Author's Annual Flash Fiction Contest Contact: editor@netauthor.org (do not send your submissions to this address!) The contest begins April 15, 2002 and runs through June 15, 2003. 1st Prize: $100 2nd Prize: $50 3rd and 4th Prizes: $25 Contest Rules: * Stories must be 1,000 words or less. * One entry per person. * Every entry must have a title. * Entry must have a word count. * Entry must include a short, third-person bio. * Entry must include the necessary contact information: writer's name, postal address, and email address. * You'll find the link for the submission form on the index page of the April and May issues of *E2K*. * Deadline: June 15, 2003 Winners will be announced in the July 15, 2003 issue of *E2K*. Not sure what flash fiction is all about? You may want to check out Pam Casto's excellent article in the January 2002 issue of *E2K*: Flash Fiction: The Short-Short To Ultra-Short Story Net Author is a non-profit, publicly-supported on-line community for writers. Net Author's *E2K* are paying markets. See our guidelines for details: http://www.netauthor.org/e2k (and follow the link for ""Submission Guide""). ******"

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Just outside the window...

We've been waking up to strange views out the window... and this one was worth sharing: They're building the ugliest building on the planet across the road, as part of the OCAD's program of making fools of themselves. Here's the hole. If you want to see the final product, here it is. I'll be gone by the time that monstrosity comes to fruition."

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April 09, 2003

Two Towers... the flash movie(s)

Catspaw's Guide to the Inevitably Insane is hosting her four part mini-flash-series: The Two Towers. If you have lots of time on your hands, don't miss it. The auteur has put her own particular touches on them, and they are true Catsy art."

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"It is unAmerican to provide web services to nonAmerican media sources. Oh, and technology is apolitical... right :)"

Julia D sent this to me a couple of days ago. Akamai Cancels a Contract for Arabic Network's Site (registration required). I rant on enough about the cultural hegemony inherent in the actual structure, utilities, encoding and code of the internet. I sometimes forget to look at what's going on on the surface. In this case, it is unAmerican to provide web services to nonAmerican media sources. [Full text of the article is below, in case you're worried about the registration fro NYT getting you dumped on an unAmerican government list] Akamai Cancels a Contract for Arabic Network's Site April 4, 2003 By WARREN ST. JOHN In a move sure to complicate the efforts of Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network, to get its English-language Web site running, Akamai Technologies abruptly canceled a contract on Wednesday to provide Web services for the site. Employees at Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha, Qatar, said they were frustrated by the decision, though not entirely surprised. ""It has nothing to do with technical issues,"" said Joanne Tucker, the managing editor of the English-language site. ""It's nonstop political pressure on these companies not to deal with us."" Akamai, based in Cambridge, Mass., would not comment on the reason for the cancellation. But Jeff Young, a company spokesman, issued a statement confirming that Akamai would no longer do business with Al Jazeera. ""Akamai worked briefly this week with Al Jazeera to understand the issues they are having distributing their Web sites,"" he said. ""We ultimately decided not to continue a customer relationship with Al Jazeera, and we are not going to be providing them our services."" The English version of Al Jazeera's Web site was shut by hackers roughly 12 hours after it went online on March 25. For a time, Web users trying to gain access were directed to a Web page bearing an American flag. Akamai, whose clients include MSNBC and CNN, maintains a broad network of servers that provide protection from hacking attempts. It was for that reason, Ms. Tucker said, that Al Jazeera hired the company. ""Basically this was our answer to the hacking that has been nonstop and pretty aggressive,"" she said. ""We had a done-and-dusted deal on March 28. Then yesterday, we get a letter from them terminating the contract."" Akamai's decision is one in a series of headaches for Al Jazeera since the start of the war. Defense Department officials criticized the network for showing images of dead and captured American soldiers. After that episode, the network's American financial correspondents were banned from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. On Wednesday, Iraqi officials expelled one Jazeera correspondent from Baghdad and barred another from reporting there. American officials have also accused the network of unduly emphasizing civilian casualties in Iraq. Al Jazeera contends that much of the traffic that shut down its site was from Web users simply curious about its coverage. The search engine Lycos reported yesterday that ""Al Jazeera"" was its most-searched-for term last week. Ms. Tucker said that Al Jazeera hoped to have its English site up within 24 hours, but that without Akamai's many servers, the site would be more vulnerable to hacking attempts. The site went live just after 7 p.m. last night. ""It doesn't derail us,"" she said. ""We can withstand the hacking up to a point, but if they focus it all on one server it would put a lot of pressure on that server. ""We hope that won't be the case,"" she added. ""We're working on it all the time."" Ms. Tucker called the hacking attempts ""pathetic."" ""It's a narrow, pro-censorship attempt to silence a news site,"" she said. This is not the first time that Akamai has had to deal first-hand with tensions between the Arab world and the United States. The company's co-founder and chief technology officer, Daniel Lewin, 31, was on American Airlines Flight 11 on Sept. 11, 2001, when the plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/04/technology/04WEB.html?ex=1050593603&ei=1&en=9e9846594854ea35 HOW TO ADVERTISE"

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April 08, 2003


Just got the word that my paper ""Sousveillance: Inventing and Using Wearable Computing Devices to Challenge Surveillance"" (with Steve Mann and Barry Wellman)(PDF) as been accepted by Surveillance & Society! With some minor modifications. And with some great reviewer comments. It is worth it when you finally find a forum that is interested in what you're doing."

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Urbane Legends

Another strange story passed on by Rannie from The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century: ""What happened to me and the new girl (or, "The girl who cried Webmaster")"" Why is everything we read on line believed so uncritically? I'm sympathetic, but just plain not shocked. What shocks me is how people may be turned off something like blogging because it mirrors real life."

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April 07, 2003

Good Morning Dr Snow!

How does the hyper-educated male deal with stress? Meditation? Conspicuous consumption? Acute Alcoholism? Peeler bars? No. None of those tried and true methods. We get ""Upper Peridontal Appliances"" also known as teeth guards. The goal is to ensure that we don't grind our teeth when we sleep. Thus we are not stressed out by having stumps for molars. And stress is reduced. And our health plan covers it 100%. And that's so special that somehow the fact that 100% coverage means that we still have to pay $5.32 of the total cost. What kind of math is that? It doesn't matter? Cause I'm so low stress now."

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April 06, 2003

New Draft of Vampire Paper

I just uploaded a draft of Unearthing Medieval Vampire Stories in England: Fragments from De Nugis Curialium and Historia Rerum Anglicarum as an RTF file if anyone's interested in reading it and giving me any feedback. There are some bits that I have to add... like about Varma's library and McNally's book A Clutch of Vampires that I've not been able to track down yet. And I want to make it sound a bit less stuffy. Anyway, all comments appreciated."

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penetrating moral certitude

Richard Bennett's Omphalos: notes: abc new's article Another human shield bites it in Israel. I like his wit: ""ABCNEWS.com reports that another human shield was killed by the Israeli military after jumping in front of some Palestinian terrorists, and fellow shields are shocked that the soldiers fired even though the shield was well-marked. Apparently, the Israelis use Kryptonite bullets capable of penetrating moral certitude."""

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April 05, 2003

what is it good for...

I was reading a post on Joi's blog about blogs and googlewashing and whatnot, and had a thought... The funny thing about blogs is their lack of historicity in the minds of so many people. Blogs are just the confluence of a bunch of odds and ends with about as much great earth shattering newness as, say, DOS or the html/www was. Sure, they turned the world on its collective head, not because it was doing something special, but because it wasn't. DOS was lobotomized Unix. Html lobotomized SGML. Blogs just plain lobotomized *. As with all killer apps like this, the deal is that they don't stretch anyone's paradigms, or challenge anyone's cosmologies, so they can become ubiquitous... be adopted by the treadmill of the pundits who make up the rolling wave of the A-lists, and in the end, not cause much change to the way things are at all. It doesn't mean that they're not useful, valuable or fun. Just that they're not much more than that. I am always suspicious of anyone who gets the notion into their head that they've come up with a solution to a problem. Not that I don't want to hang out with them, or be their friend, but unless you realize that solutions create problems, not solve them, I gotta wonder what you're smoking."

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Arun and the market

Arun Blake, my buddy from Undergrad residence days (1982-1984) came to town today for a short visit. He was in India for the month that I was in Japan, and is heading back to Montreal soon. He's a photographer with an upcoming show in Montreal next month, and a show in Bombay this november. And he wants me to come and help. So, the deal is to start looking for funding. Something I'm good at. The show is including pictures that were taken when Arun and I went to Jamacia back in '84 or 5. I went down with his family, and stayed with his grandmother. She was, at the time, the oldest woman in the villiage, and it was great to sort of have that umbrella of staying with them. I rented a motorbike one day, and drove arun and I around half the country, up into the mountains and through the hills. I got some amazing photos then, but nothing that I've ever used. I'm looking forward to seeing arun's. With Yuka, we went down to St Lawrence Market this morning to stock up on sausages and salmon and 7 grain breads and all that. Which is what I'm turning my attention to now, after having had a joyful afternoon fighting with the tax gods. I seem to be praying to the wrong one."

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April 04, 2003

WarBlogs... And Hopefully Peace Blogs

TIME.com: Best Of The War Blogs -- Apr. 07, 2003 is a neat article. Caught it thanks to ""robert m. tynes"" on the aoir.org list. I've had four separate CBC producers contact me about warblogging, but it doesn't seem I'll make it to the radio this time. There's a lot of interest in students who are warblogging. I mentioned JuliaD to them as well. Julia told me that Salam Pax's dear_raed.blogspot.com is no longer being updates. No doubt because of the lack of electricity in Bagdad. Blogs will never be the same again."

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Driving Miss Salmon

This is a picture that I took about 5am somewhere outside of Texas, when Katherine and I were driving to Austin last month. It is the only picture of us together the entire trip, I think. Driving at night is such a beautiful thing."

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Painting with Bob

Here's a small couple of pages I made up for our new friend bob. Bob paints. Bob paints well. See Bob's paintings. Buy Bob's painting. See Bob buy Jason a beer or two for helping him sell paintings."

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April 03, 2003

Your morning smile...

Yes, yuka found a place selling nice lids for cats."

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April 02, 2003

Success... the Triangle Project workshop will go on!

For the last three years, I've had the opportunity to run a month long workshop on gender and identity using our Project Achieve CVE for the Triangle project. Triangle is Canada's only queer secondary school program. I've had wonderful help over the years from a variety of people, including Katherine Parish (salmon) and Rochelle Mazar (hildegarde), but this year I'm doing it alone. Well, not quite, for the past 6 weeks Kat and Muddy have been visiting the Triangle classroom to prep the students. Thanks Kat and Muddy! This year we had a problem accessing lab space on campus, and we're planning to start next week. Panic time. But at the last minute Tony G at OISE offered us space for half the workshop period that we were having trouble getting space for. Thanks Tony!!! And Professor Suzanne Hidi who is our faculty host there. For the rest of the period we're using the Unversity College labs, thanks to Professor Hilary Cuningham who's our faculty host for Undergrad. Since I'm only teaching graduate courses, I don't count in this context, and I'd have to rent lab space. Isn't collaboration wonderful!!!"

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April 01, 2003

iClone!!!! This is the greatest!

Iclone ENGLISH iClone is able to brings a new Mac computer on your desktop. When you use it, it analyzes your Mac and duplicates it in a few seconds ! It is an exclusive process and a new way of manufacturing computers. If you do not have a rather powerful computer, go in your neighbor or friend for cloner his more powerful computer. iClone does not make a copy of the content of the hard disk. It clone only the hardware of your computer. Ideal for all Mac users, iClone will make it possible for Apple to increase his market shares ! The retailers of hardware will be able to finally devote themselves to sell service. Just download the application and follow the indications !"

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