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April 13, 2003

Za night in Toronto...

This year has seen a paucity of parties at our house. But last night we had the chance to change all that. Julia D, Salmon, Simsim, EvaB, Billibus and Aideen graced our table for some Pizza. Kat! and Muddy sent their regrets. And I must have gotten Valdo's email addy wrong. Usually we go for strange stuff, like wild boar pizza. This time it was meat and fish free, focusing on goat cheese, pesto, sundried tomato/olive paste, peppers and asparagus Za. Sumputous desserts and wines were brought. And someone left a nice mustard coloured cartigan with roses on it. I think it was billibus' but he isn't telling."

Posted by jason at April 13, 2003 06:08 PM