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May 08, 2003

A world crammed into a few daze.

I just have to blog. Just to make sure that i'm still here and haven't gotten caught in a tapeloop of some sort. On Tuesday was the last day of the Project Achieve and Triangle month long virtual reality workshop on gender and identity for queer youth. It was co-sponsored by the KMDI and OISE/UT. It was wonderful. The kids were wonderful. Patty and Jim, their teachers were wonderful. The guys at the OISE Education Commons were wonderful. When their virtual sites are done, I'll post a link, but anyone can visit Project Achieve any time they want and look around. Now I have just rush rush time. Finishing marking 12 grad papers. Preparing for the Nexus Conference, finishing a book chapter for Jim Hewitt, and getting ourselves ready for Romania et al. on Monday. Fun? Wow! I'm just going to be happy to be out of town and relaxing for a moment. So, that's where I am. You?"

Posted by jason at May 8, 2003 07:34 AM