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May 18, 2003

Conference Over

We found a house that we'd like to buy as the TSD's research centre. Only $15k USD. It is part of the same block as Vlad Tepesh's (Dracula) house, opposite the Sighisoara Hotel. Anyone have any change? Then we went for a tour of the place they were going to put the Dracula THeme park. Wow. It is a massive field at the top of a hill covered with hundreds of oak trees, many 400-500 years old. Luckily this is not going to happen. Yes, I have pictures of it all. And I finally have a faster ethernet connection. Thanks to the hotel. I'm behind the desk, typing away. Luckily it is quiet, so I am not too much of an imposition. We're off tomorrow for a 2 day trip of the fictional Dracula sites (i.e. the vampire), but will be back in Sighisoara for two more days before going to vienna. I have many many wonderful pictures. Pity that I can't share them yet. J PS: Yes, yuka is tired of all this conference stuff, and is happy that we will be able to get more tourist stuff done. Oh, and I have pictures of the Hollywood film crew to post, in case they make me look funny in their documentary."

Posted by jason at May 18, 2003 11:23 AM