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May 22, 2003

Everyone's Gone

Just Yuka and I left. The last of the conference folks left this morning. Yuka and I have 2 more days here before the midnight train to vienna. I think it is the orient express. Wrote some long entries on my puter, but no way to upload them. They'll have to wait. Had dinner in Vlad Dracul's house last night. We were shown about the rooms where his son Vlad Tepesh was perhaps born in. He was born in one of them. Many frescos have been found under the centuries of whitewash. The ones over our dining table were wonderful. Got pictures of them. Spent the morning exploring the shops, the top of the citadel with the old church and the sprawling cemetary. Found many back paths down the hill to the village below. Mostly used by cows and sheep it seems. And kids. Got pleasantly lost in the mazes of paths and streets. I feel like this is the wrong century. So not like any city I've ever been to. Missing friends, but not missing home."

Posted by jason at May 22, 2003 09:53 AM