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June 03, 2003

Changes to Edublog's Blogs

Hey hey... if you have a blog on the edublog.com or jasonnolan.net servers, there are changes afoot. First, I successfully repartitioned the hard drives and reinstalled the contents from backup. This has been a problem for a year, as the server only has a 6 gig drive, which came to me partitioned, and I had no time to fix it back then. That caused lots of problems for updating the OS and keeping it working smoothly. But I waited until the end of the year, so that if things went wrong, not too many students would be discomfited. Next I am going to update MoveableType to the current version, which I know Roger's been waiting for, and I'll attach it to a MySQL database, which will make managing it that much easier. I hope. Finally I'm going to try and move Project Achieve and all the stuff on the achieve sevrver over to Edublog, so I have everything on one easy to maintain computer. The old edublog hardware is a bit hard to update and maintain, versus Edublog, which is an old iMac. If that works, I have no idea what to do with the Achieve server. It is only an old Pentium II/350, but it has 512 megs of ram and 36gigs of SCSI drives. Great for highspeed internet storage."

Posted by jason at June 3, 2003 06:14 AM