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July 22, 2003

Big time shopping...

Did a big shop yesterday. A BIG shop. Picked up Dad's new 17"" iMac. Have it locked away in my office to be set up. Also an iPod and a DV cam for sMom. Said iPod is set up swimmingly now. And a new printer for them. Just have to drive it up and set it up. And run away... before I try to keep some of it. It will be so nice to get dad away from his Dell. I talked his company from getting rid of Macs and switching to Dell's over a decade ago. And it was the right thing to do, as they had a silly mixed Mac/PC network, and their biz was really PC focussed. That's how I got my first Mac. It was a left over after the conversion process. But he doesn't work in the office. And people at the office don't know how to or won't support it. And thought I bought it for him and set it up, I refuse to support PCs. And all he does is complain, because it is not like DOS. So, now with a shiny new 17"" iMac, he still doesn't get DOS, and will probably complain, but at least I can fix it."

Posted by jason at July 22, 2003 08:49 AM