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July 15, 2003

Recycling tech...

Amy's the diva of old-school. So very retro. The music is all vinyl. Analog synthesizers everywhere. And an old PPC 601 computer missing a foot. Just the home for all my old scsi hardware that doesn't work for me any more:

32 + 8 meg sims 2megs of vram 2gig scsi harddrive microtec E6 scsi scanner
I've never had much luck with anything scsi. Once my scsi printer blew, and erased both my harddrives, holding 2 copies of a $170k education project. Something was always going wrong with scsi, even when I learned all about everything scsi, as far as jumper settings on circuit boards and all that. Amy, on the other hand, is a retro diva, keeping the old ways alive. Every cable fit. Every connection happy. Computer > 2gig drive > scanner > zip all in one happy chain. And it worked! All at once. Purring like a third kitten (the other two were lounging on various bits of hardware). There are all kinds of people on the planet, and I'm never going to be successful with anything retro. I'm just glad someone is... who can give a good home to my old scsi stuff...."

Posted by jason at July 15, 2003 12:56 PM