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August 05, 2003

Brainwave Building Blog

[Steve asked me to post this on my blog... and I'm only too happy to comply.]

Brainwave Building Blog

Deconism Gallery/Arts Complex was designed as a blog --- something we call ""buildinglog""(which, like cyborglog, abbreviates to ""glog""). We've all seen smart buildings, smart lightswitches, smart toilets,and intelligent user interfaces, but what happens when you have""smart people""? What happens when you wire up the ""intelligence"" ontopeople? 2003 August 14th and 15th we explore what happens when the intelligentbuilding meets intelligent occupants. The August 14th event will be an intellectual discussion aboutthe relationship between cyborglogs and buildinglogs.Three panelists (Maurice Benayoun, Pierre Levy, Steve Mann),moderated by the Director of the Marshall McLuhan Program inCulture and Technology, will enter an immersive multimedia space(a brainwave bath) while discussing the implications of the post-cyborg age. The August 15th event will be an actual collective (de)consciousnesswhere the occupant-cyborgs interact with the building, to create an audiovisual experience from their brainwaves, as partof a brainwave (de)concert performed by jazz musiciansBryden Baird, James Fung, Dave Gouveia, Sandy Mamane, and Corey Manders. For more information, see http://eyetap.org/deconism/index.htm"

Posted by jason at August 5, 2003 05:46 PM