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August 01, 2003

Just a quickie...

Just got back into town, after 2 days consulting up north... ie living on georgan bay, and installing computers at my dad's house. They're now all Mac users. Dad has a new 17"" iMac that he has no idea how to use. Cheryl has an old G3 powerbook which still serves her well. Cats and Emily have 14"" and 12"" iBooks, respectively.Got speakers for Cats, showed Cheryl how to uses her iPod and DV camera. And arranged for a new printer to be delivered. Happy to be home. oh ya this blog entry was about something else. I now have 2 confirmed courses to teach this year. KMD1002 (half the course I co-taught last year) and KMD2003: Knowledge Media and Learning. Just waiting on an interview that I had a another local university recently. News August 8."

Posted by jason at August 1, 2003 03:41 PM