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August 26, 2003

something bloggy this way comes

But the question is what? Yuka said that I was supposed to add something, but my mind is a big of a morning fog... Ah, got the word from Yuka. Two nights ago, at around 2am, I was up mindlessly looking at the TV or computer. Allergies had done their work and prevented me from sleeping. And the phone rings, getting my attention. But it is not the normal ring, rather the ring that means someone is dialing up from downstairs and wants to be let into the apartment. Some nefarious character no doubt. So I ignore it, and it stops. I go out to the balcony to see who may be there, and there are two ambulances 3-4 police cars and a couple of fire trucks. Strange! Especially because there was no blaring alarms, as would usually announce their presence. Stealth safety workers. And in the middle of the group down there, I see Joshua, the be-dreaded art person from the ground floor who likes my ugly building cam (on the right). So I shuffle down to see him, somewhat worried that something bad has happened. It turns out that the police are ringing all the apartments in the hopes that someone will let them in, in response to a phone call that a body was seen hanging from a rope inside an apartment. Joshua tells me that there are even a fire captain and police supervisor here... expecting heavy stuff, it seems. Joshua and I chat for about 15 minutes, he's explaining some circuitry he's designing for graphics, and the difference between parallel and concave geometry in relation to it. I pretty much missed the point. And while doing this, he's directing the odd cop car and fire truck wandering by for a bit of late night rubbernecking. Finally the paramedics come out, wheeling their gurneys. With no body on board. The verdict? A large doll hung from a rope. A bit of a gruesome living room decoration. Or more likely, for this neighborhood, an art project or movie prop in preparation or discarded after a production. Joshua wonders about how much money was wasted on this night's adventures. And I wonder if the poor folks who were just pulled out of sleep by all these public safety personnel walking in on their dreams, because of a bit of fun they left hanging around, will ever get back to sleep tonight. I know I will. This kinds of excitement makes me sleepy."

Posted by jason at August 26, 2003 09:06 AM