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August 31, 2003

That said...

I do have plans for the future. I'm meeting with Michael Edmunds who directs the InfoCommons at UofT, and Derrick De Kirkhove and Mark Federman of the McLuhan project later this week. The goal is to push a large scale blogging tool on the University of Toronto. I'm pushing for livejournal.com. To that end, I've been talking with Brad Whitaker, one of the founders of LJ. I... could... work... and it would be great to have a blogging tool on campus that was centrally managed, and useable by literally thousands of students. As of this moment, LJ has 1280099 users, of which 611679 are active. They are making 2647 posts an hour; 44 a minute... and this is 8am on a sunday, EST, on a holiday weekend for many of us. Robust or what."

Posted by jason at August 31, 2003 08:08 AM