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August 11, 2003

"The year 2004 set for the opening of the Dracula park by lake Snagov, North of Bucuresti (cca 40 km) is a forlorn target. "

Just got this in the mail from the TSD, of which Yuka and I are members. I don't know if it is posted online anywhere... so read it here first. There is also a downloadble version of the newsletter below. JULY 2003 Reincarnation The old Ministry of Tourism died; long live the new Ministry of Transport, Building and Tourism, headed by Minister Miron Mitrea. The new minister made waves in the media of Romania declaring that the Dracula park is not one of his priorities (as is not yet another dear project of the former minister Matei Agathon Dan: a 5-star brand new resort by the Black Sea). Instead, H.E. Miron Mitrea took a more pragmatic approach to tourism in Romania, urging, for instance, a general lowering of prices in the sea-side resorts, before the Romanians desert them altogether in favour of the cheaper Greek, Turkish or Bulgarian resorts. (What has become of Matei Agathon Dan? He is now the secretary general of the political party in power, the Social-Democrat. With the elections in sight, we hope he might not have time for something else). The Dracula park "The plan was accepted, announced Mr. Grecu (TSD member). He presented the details on the national TV channel and said some of the money comes from the government the rest from private investors.

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