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September 04, 2003

Customer service...

I got a strange bill from Sympatico, with lots of extra charges on my credit card statement. And I thought that perhaps my home network had been hacked and someone was doing something nefarious. It happened in the past, when I mistakenly left Yuka's firewall turned off. Someone uploaded 800megs of videos. Luckily it was not pr0n, but rather simpson's and bugs bunny videos. Then I remembered that sympatico's bandwith usage charges had been dropped. Purplexed I tried to find out my usage and whatnot online. Of course I could not get onto the secure site. The page after login would just hang. So, I called up the Bell Sympatico Customer Service d00ds. I hoped I'd Brin working at the call centre, but no luck. 1) Found out that the charge was from my dad's internet usage. I must have left my login/password set for his computer up north when I set up his computer last month. No problem there. 2) The Sympatico d00ds told me that since they could get to customer care page, it must be my fault; with various and sundry mutterings about firewalls and the like. (I'd already turned off my firewall, and blocking of pop-up adds while troubleshooting things before I called them.). While I was talking, I remembered how ProMac Sympatio !is. So I turned off Safari, and sparked up Internet Explorer. Voila. Sympatico's web site doesn't work with macs. Their reason? They haven't bought a licence for Safari. So, I asked them if they were compatible with Mozilla, being all open source and all. Nope. Didn't buy a licence for that either, I was told. It is with answers like this that I back off slowly. Customer service... isn't it great that we're a service culture now?"

Posted by jason at September 4, 2003 11:53 AM