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September 26, 2003

Minor Disruptions...

T'was a long day. One that I shall describe in brief. Went to my KMDI office to install the 60gig HD that Larry (Diving Dazes on the right menu) had FedExed to me from the US into Edublog. I have to pay GST on the value of the harddrive, even though it is Larry's and we're just putting it in my computer for a while. Took the puter apart and installed it. Nothing new there. But I couldn't boot off my backup drive or my CDrom for some reason. GAK. Actually, I knew I couldn't boot off my backup drive, that's one of the reasons I wanted Larry's 60gig. I was about to walk home to get my other 60gig backup drive, cause I know you can boot from that, when I had a brainstorm... hey, I can boot from my iPod!!! Dragged my iPod out, plugged it into my laptop, and installed an OS on it. Took iPod and backup drive to Edublog, plugged it in, booted from the iPod, and initialized the 60gig, and transfirred all the stuff over to it... and turned on Edublog again. It *seems* to be OK. Since the day was disrupted, I decided to clean my office. Our room has work stations for 5 people. I had two of them, and peter had 3. As he has 10+ computers to my 3-4. Now he has 2 assistants, and so I'm losing half my office space, and have to cram 100% of my stuff into 50% of the space... like 3m x 3m. Ack. So much for moving up in the world. I guess I'll move more over to my Ryerson office, or home, or throw it out. Actually, I have two broken 17"" monitors for the Achieve server, which I'm finally dumping. And this is good, because there's no room on my smaller desk for it. Anyone want to buy me a 15"" LCD monitor? I'll have to get something, as I need to be able to log into the GUI to install security updates for Project Achieve. Today is more quiet... looking for jobs for next year, I think."

Posted by jason at September 26, 2003 10:24 AM